Jean-Marc Berthoud
May-June 2018

Kingdom Leadership

By Mark R. Rushdoony

The leaders of the church would be those who took others by the hand, who got off their high horse and cared for the flock, even if it meant acquiring some of the unpleasant dirt and stink of real-life problems.

Jean-Marc Berthoud’s In Defense of God’s Law

By Martin G. Selbrede

This volume upholds a bright burning torch, one that sheds Biblical light upon our full calling under God, for which all of us shall be held accountable before His throne, for to whom much is given, much shall be required.

A Modern Swiss Reformer: The Life of Jean-Marc Berthoud

By Didier Erne

It is hard to describe Jean-Marc Berthoud, because his prolific and wide-ranging work of more than twenty books was done outside an official ministry or a professorship at a seminary, and he is not a professional writer living off the sale of his books and giving conferences.

Jean-Marc Berthoud: Magisterial Christian Scholar in Our Time of Need

By Douglas Kelly

This article of appreciation is to be about Jean-Marc, not myself, but even so, I will have to make some personal references in hopes of shining light on the combined Patristic/Medieval/Reformational and post-Enlightenment magisterial quality of the thought and almost universal grasp of all the issues that matter most for the well-being of humanity and the glory of God.

By Gerald Pech

My odyssey through the creation controversy became an opportunity to encounter Jean-Marc Berthoud’s masterful work and his theology, which later would have such a decisive influence on all aspects of my work as a creationist.