Jeremiah's Unpopular Politics
January/February 2015

Jeremiah’s Unpopular Politics

By Mark R. Rushdoony

Jeremiah was called to one of the most difficult ministries of any man in Scripture. He was called to speak God’s message of judgment as the nation of Judah approached conquest and dissolution. He changed nothing, and much of his message was to warn against resistance to the foreign conqueror because he was God’s agent of wrath on apostasy.

Martha Coakley and Her Tree of Hate (6)

By Martin G. Selbrede

This is the sixth in an ongoing series of articles about Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore, the Christian doctor who innovated the Massachusetts Model of addiction treatment.

A Government of Wolves: The Emerging Police State by John Whitehead

By Jerri Lynn Ward

These are just some of the instances chronicled by John W. Whitehead in his frightening book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, published in 2013. Whitehead has written a comprehensive account of how we are losing our privacy, our freedoms, and even our bodily integrity to intrusive surveillance, aggressive policing, and the courts who are acting more as “courts of order” than courts of justice.

Heresy, Apostasy, and National Fidelity

By Paul Michael Raymond

In Deuteronomy 13, Moses instructs Israel as to their national obligation to identify, expose, and then root out all heretics and those that would seek to undermine the fidelity of the church, her people, and the entire nation. Throughout the Scripture, God warns, time and time again, of the reality and danger of false prophets who enter into the congregation to sow heretical teachings. By deception these false prophets seek to lead away the “simple” so as to hasten the collapse of the family, the church, and ultimately the nation.

By Andrea G. Schwartz

Throughout history, philosophical ideas have had negative effects on family life. The Enlightenment, by demeaning woman’s role, set the stage for the reactionary feminist movement and the recent so-called patriarchy movement appears to be a hyper-reaction to feminism. Each movement skewed, exaggerated, undermined, and often ignored the Biblical perspective on the woman’s role as wife and mother. In fact, what is taught from the pulpit and in Bible studies contributes to the frustration women experience in our day. There needs to be a lot of work to recover a clear understanding on marriage and the role of marriage in reclaiming the culture.

By Lee Duigon

The United States has the highest per capita health care cost in the world, and Gunn asks, “Why is it so expensive?” This documentary is an attempt to answer that question and suggest what we can do about it.

By R. J. Rushdoony

When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as president, it was a simple and brief act before a few people. When it was over, Jefferson walked back to his boarding house. Dinner was already served, every seat was taken, and the newly inaugurated president had to wait for a place at the table. The same thing happened to President John Quincy Adams some years later. On a coastal sailing vessel, Adams was slightly late and had to wait his turn to eat.

By Lee Duigon

How do I review this book? It’s well-written, well-constructed, passionate, and phrased in language which any intelligent reader can easily understand. But it’s so packed with substance, so few words are wasted, that every time I started trying to select illuminating quotes, I wound up not knowing where to stop.