Malachi 4 and the Homeschooling Movement
July/August 2017

Government: A Terror to Whom?

By Mark R. Rushdoony

This is not a good time to be a statist in the West. The utopian promises of the past century are increasingly drowning in a sea of debt and unstable currencies dissolving into self-evident failures. Those who saw the reins of government as a means of creating a brave new world have only succeeded in creating the largest system of bureaucracy and regulations in history.

Malachi 4 and the Homeschooling Movement

By Shawn Mathis

A strong emphasis on homeschooling can leave faithful Christian day schools (those that impart a full-throated Biblical worldview) in limbo,…

Terminating the Legal Murder of Unborn Babies

By Peter Allison

The pro-life Republican legislature introduced personhood legislation, SB319, which changed the legal definition of an “individual” from…

State Mandated Training Requirements: Help or Harm?

By Chris Zimmerman

I believe there is a glaring inconsistency within the pro-gun movement that at best undermines progress and, at worst, reveals an incorrect…

By Andrea G. Schwartz

When preachers repeat the misleading statement that we are all sinners and none is better than the next, it groups all people (whether redeemed or not) into the same category. However, this…

By Suzannah Rowntree

​Dunkirk tells the story—or more accurately, part of the story—of Operation Dynamo, the nigh-miraculous evacuation of 300,000 members of the British Expeditionary Forces, and some of…