Paradise Restored: Utopianism, Statism and the Restoration of the Christian Order
November/December 2006

The Paradise Motive

By R. J. Rushdoony

According to Robert Ardrey, “Man is a bad-weather animal, designed for storm and change.”

Don’t Pray for the Peace of Babylon

By Mark R. Rushdoony

God’s Word uses the term “Babylon” as a euphemism for all the statist regimes of history that have sought to play god.

Paradise Restored, or, Get Back to Your Post!

By Christopher J. Ortiz

In 1986 I borrowed a strange book from a friend who assured me that my life was about to be radically changed. I’d heard that before.Every book promised such glorious transformation, but usually left little to no major revisions in my faith. However, this book was different, and my friend was correct: I was about to be floored.

The Restoration of the Family

By Greg Uttinger

There’s a telling scene at the beginning of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

By Ian Hodge

We all know something is wrong with the economy. But how would it look once it was put right?

By Timothy D. Terrell

In the February 1973 Chalcedon Report, Rousas J. Rushdoony writes that utopianism’s folly is its idea that sin can be overcome by sufficiently careful organization of society.

By Tom Rose

A deep division is occurring in America. It is dividing family members and friends into opposing ideological camps. The ideological split between previously gracious and forbearing individuals is caused by two aspects of growing statism.

By Jacob Aitken

T. David Gordon in particular (and Klineans in general) has been one of the sharpest critics of theonomy in the past years. This evidences a recent trend in Reformed social theology: to what extent (if any) is Scripture to speak to social ills with normative commands?