Restoring Spiritual Capital
March/April 2009

Inflation and the Love of Money

By R. J. Rushdoony

According to D. B. Knox, “The view of the Old Testament and of the New Testament is that wealth is a blessing from God.”

Judgment, Justice, and Salvation

By Mark R. Rushdoony

The ultimate coincidence of judgment and salvation was Calvary. We must see the judgment and justice of the cross, not just the grace. The death of Christ was the death penalty, the judgment, God’s perfect justice demanded.

Restoring Spiritual Capital: Rushdoony’s Solution to World Crisis

By Christopher J. Ortiz

The time of our greatest witness is “when salvation by politics is prevalent.” It is then that the church must press the total lordship of Christ in every sphere. Our role is therefore to be a witness to our time, but too much of our existence is built upon the sandy foundation of this present world system. We are not of this world (John 15:19), but our economics, science, justice, and education are built squarely upon the world’s foundations.

The Deed in the Jar: Contemporary Crises and the Christian Future

By Roger Schultz

An old friend called unexpectedly in mid-January to talk about the economy. He has been in the bullion and numismatics business for decades, and he is usually optimistic.

By Andrea G. Schwartz

Christians have been conditioned to make our message conform to Madison Avenue dogmas and doctrines. The modern church has taken its lead from advertising and marketing firms, believing this is the way to bring more people to Christ. By adopting the Madison Avenue approach to the Great Commission and evangelistic endeavors, the church has become more concerned with how it is viewed than the message it has been commissioned to preach.

By Judd Wilson

The Japanese obsession with the trivial can be shocking to American visitors.

By Lee Duigon

Does the United States need a new Constitution? Should the states hold a new Constitutional Convention?