Stronghold Demolition 101
March/April 2012

The Centrality of the Atonement

By R. J. Rushdoony

For the Jews a crucified Messiah was a stumbling block because their requirement was that He be a world conqueror and ruler. Their messianic expectation was nationalistic and humanistic, not theological. It was Israel-oriented; it did not see the Kingdom of God as basic and central. It was Israel's, not God's Kingdom, they wanted.

Stronghold Demolition 101

By Paul R. Dorr

One of many Biblical doctrines R. J. Rushdoony taught me years ago was how God blesses personal, familial, ecclesiastical, and national obedience to His law. Since childhood I never believed I was saved by such obedience, but always knew it was my joyful duty to obey the triune God.

Homeschooled Teen Takes on Board of Education-and Wins

By Lee Duigon

A paid position opens up in the municipal government—director of the sewerage authority, chief of public works, whatever. It’s a good job with a good salary. The local powers-that-be very much want to give it to a political crony, some elected official’s personal friend or family member, or someone who has earned a reward. But the rules say that they have to advertise the opening, appoint a search committee, and interview qualified candidates, with the whole decision-making process public and transparent.

God's Rx for Turning America "Rightside Up", Part 3

By Buddy Hanson

We are the straw that God uses to stir His pre-ordained drink for the earth. The plans and ungodly tactics of non-Christians serve merely as troublesome ice cubes that temporarily clog the glass, but as we obey God's will, He will melt them so that we receive His divinely perfect taste. Non-Christians cannot affect history; God raises them up to awaken us to repent and return to living according to what we profess to believe.

By Andrea G. Schwartz

One of the many evil byproducts of the Prussian system of education that has been embraced by our public schools is a system of grades. This artificial designation takes children from the family, groups all children of a certain age into one class and teaches them from a stagnant curriculum, designed by experts for that age group, not taking into consideration the personal development or skills of the individual child.

By Lee Duigon

Vishal Mangalwadi has written a great book-a book that not only should be read, but also kept and studied. It will be a challenge, here, to do it justice.