The Critical Importance of Biblical Application
March 2019

The Critical Importance of Biblical Application

By Martin G. Selbrede

The building of the Kingdom of God proceeds in a decentralized way, with many individuals leading the way in their areas of expertise as they apply the Scriptures to the problems of our day. Many of the paths that such men pioneer will grow into highways that saints of the future will walk in. Their faithful work will abide, and their errors will be set aside as iron sharpens iron. We need such men to show us how to better use the light of God’s Word in our world.

American Community Survey – Orwellian Overreach

By Phillip G. Kayser

The American Community Survey is an Orwellian overreach of federal powers that should be resisted by Americans. It is a survey that invades privacy by asking about the presence of flush toilets, the amount of income that you earn, whether there is a business in your home, how much you spend on utilities, where you work, what time you leave for work, how you get to work, how long it takes you to get to work, etc.

Pornography & Evangelical Statism

By Phillip G. Kayser

Evangelicals rightly recognize that our culture is not ready to follow Biblical law, but they wrongly conclude that we therefore must use statism to solve the problem.

A Think Tank for the Self-Governing Christian

By Mark R. Rushdoony

Branding is a buzzword used online, and it’s taken from the advertising industry to describe the position that a business or product holds in the mind of the marketplace. We’re all familiar with major brands, but the idea of “positioning” can affect persons, movements, politicians, and so on—even ministries.