The Kingdom Work of Book Publishing
October 2018

The Kingdom Work of Book Publishing

By Mark R. Rushdoony

A serious book with cogent arguments remains as a silent witness long after its author’s lifetime. It is therefore not surprising that when Christian Reconstruction challenged some basic tenets of modern evangelical thought, the necessity of publishing books was immediately addressed.

Northern CA Christian Reconstruction Meetup

By Andrea G. Schwartz

On August 11, St. Paul’s Anglican Church/Canterbury Christian School in Los Altos Hills, California, hosted its first Northern California Christian Reconstruction Meetup event. The new rector/headmaster, Rev. Steve Macias, has been a longterm friend of Chalcedon and an avid student of R.J. Rushdoony’s books and materials. So, it was with great pleasure after he assumed his new position in May of 2018 that we agreed to a joint sponsorship of the event to bring together like-minded Reconstructionist folks from around the San Francisco Bay Area.