The Road to Slavery
May/June 2006


By R. J. Rushdoony

Debt and inflation are almost synonymous. All inflation is a form of dishonest debt. Basically, inflation is an expansion of the money supply by the state.

Larceny in the Heart: The Immorality of Modern Money and Economics

By Mark R. Rushdoony

When a state “creates” money without backing it up with any real, tangible asset (such as gold, or land), is it a sin? Even worse, is it a sin which forces all of the state’s citizens to be involved in it whether they like it or not — simply because they have to use the fiat money?

The Road to Slavery

By Christopher J. Ortiz

The average American yawns at inflation because he or she does not understand its meaning nor its insidious purpose to enslave a free republic. “John Q” Citizen thinks inflation is a phenomenon that “just happens,” and politicians do what they can to fight it.

“Not Worth a Continental” Inflation in the Independence Era

By Roger Schultz

“A wagonload of money will scarcely purchase a wagonload of provisions,” George Washington complained in April 1779. A crumbling economy and the devastating impact of inflation, he believed, was a greater threat to the infant nation than British armies.

By Tom Rose

The Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) began operating in 1914. Since then the purchasing power of the dollar has decreased by 98%. This debauching of our monetary unit was the result of planned inflationary monetary policy; it was not a chance happening. Can we learn from history to protect the welfare of our families in the future?

By Gary North

I met R.J. Rushdoony at a 1962 summer conference sponsored by the Intercollegiate Society of Individualists (I.S.I.), which is now called the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

By Ian Hodge

Inflation is inevitable. At least, that is what politicians tell us. They do their best to fight inflation. When they fail, it is because inflation is apparently beyond their control. But what is this economic phenomenon that has plagued all countries around the world for the better part of this century?

By Martin G. Selbrede

The radical social consequences of the tithe, the fact that God’s Kingdom cannot properly grow without the tithe, are alien to modern Christians. The tithe is the primary Christian weapon against socialism.

By Timothy D. Terrell

Every modern civil government has three ways to raise funds. A government can tax, borrow, or print money. The last two are really extensions of the first.