The Sanctifying Work of Reconstruction
July 2019

The Sanctifying Work of Reconstruction

By Mark R. Rushdoony

Our defense must not be a social or cultural retreat, but a digging-in that declares, “We will not yield.” We defend ourselves in the awareness that our goal is not survival, but the growth of the Kingdom of God and His Christ.

Standing in the Waters of the Kingdom of God

By Martin G. Selbrede

When we think the Kingdom is “not yet,” that it’s something wholly future, we miss the fact that we’re standing in the middle of the Kingdom, somewhat closer to its origin than to its destination. But the same waters we’re standing in right now will inexorably grow into their fullness.

The King in Our Lives

By R. J. Rushdoony

Too often, people are negative in their profession of faith; they are against sin, which is merely common sense. Everyone is against other people’s sins, while being indulgent of their own. Even criminal gangs are hostile to having any member cheat or rob them. However, we can be against our own sins and still be far from godly.