The Waters of Abundance
April 2018

The Waters of Abundance

By Martin G. Selbrede

Chalcedon’s counter-measure is to raise the foundations of many generations (Isa. 58:12) and faithfully proclaim God's Word in its fullness, so that His people might turn back to the One Who alone offers living waters in their purity.

Advancing the Kingdom by Publishing Books

For the serious Christian, books are an important part of their personal development in terms of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, and since 1965, Chalcedon has seen innumerable lives transformed by the power of the printed word. In fact, so many devout adherents to Christian Reconstruction were first inspired by a friend or family member passing along one of Rushdoony’s books.

No Shortage of Dominion Opportunities

By Andrea G. Schwartz

I once thought that life after homeschooling might be boring and without much to do. God disabused me of that idea once I read the profile of a Titus 2 woman. Rather than having little to do, the harvest was more than I could deal with myself.