Uncompromising Reformed Mission: Westminster Biblical Missions
December 1998

The Doctrine of God and Infallibility

By R. J. Rushdoony

Scripture tells me that God, being God, is incapable of lying (Num. 23:9). Jesus Christ more explicitly defines himself as the way, the truth, and the life (Jn. 14:6). There is no access to the Godhead except through him. Scripture is explicit about identifying Jesus Christ with the Godhead, and God as the truth.

Confrontational Theology

By P. Andrew Sandlin

It is the sign of an emasculated and effete church that it refuses to confront difficult theological issues, combat pernicious doctrinal heresies, and insists, rather, on attempting to synthesize contrary theological viewpoints.

Introducing Reformed Heritage Churches

By Brian M. Abshire

There are thousands of families across the country who cannot find a good local Reformed church to join. Many have given up on the idea of belonging to a “real” church and have had to be satisfied with conducting weekly worship in their homes.

Children and the Dominion Mandate (Part 2)

By William O. Einwechter

One of the promises that God holds out to those who love him and keep his covenant is fruitfulness in regard to offspring.

By Ellsworth McIntyre

Christians tend to claim the good life, health, and prosperity that we enjoy in the Christian nations as our natural right. This is the same deadly moral ailment that cut fleshly Israel from the blessings of God.

By James Nickel

I have continually expressed concern over the revivalistic fads of both charismaticism (e.g., Toronto Blessing, Holy Laughter revival) and fundamentalism (e.g., the revival held every year at Behemoth Baptist Church down the street).

By Steve M. Schlissel

According to Leo Rosten, "In Eastern Europe, the shadchan [matchmaker] performed a very important social function. Not only did he scour communities for eligible boys and nubile girls; he was the prime source of news/gossip as well to shtetlach [villages] bereft of newspapers, radios, travelers."

By Susan Burns

In 1973, Reformed believers in Korea and Pakistan recognized their need for training so that they could fulfill the mandate of Matthew 28 in their respective nations. A small, but visionary, group of elders saw the great potential of this unique opportunity: Instead of using conventional methods such as sending American missionaries to evangelize, plant churches, and disciple the nations, they would train indigenous Christians so that they could effectively obey their Lord in fulfilling the Great Commission in their homelands. To accomplish this work, Westminster Biblical Missions (WBM) was established.

By Steve M. Schlissel

The Bible is a unified revelation diagnosing the universal problem of man, setting forth God’s unique solution, variously administered.