War and Peace
May 2000


By R. J. Rushdoony

War is inevitable in a fallen, sinful world. The basic form of war in the Bible is God's law. God's law declares war on various forms of sin.

War, the Bible, and the State

By P. Andrew Sandlin

That the Jehovah God is inherently opposed to war is a pacifist fiction. Israel's wars of extermination, outlined vividly in the Old Testament, refute the suggestion that God is opposed to war at all times and under all conditions.

The Old Covenant and the New, Revisited

By P. Andrew Sandlin

Steve Schlissel suggested that my editorials in the August 1998 issue of the Chalcedon Report relating to the old and new covenants needed some reworking.

Game, Set, Match

By Monte E. Wilson, III

One of the oldest criticisms of Christianity is that, from the beginning, it has always been largely made up of the lower classes of society, somehow proving that it is not a religion to be taken seriously by the wealthy or educated. The famous historian Edward Gibbons made this charge when he wrote that this new…

By Timothy Wilder

General Howling Jake Smith earned his name by ordering his officers to turn a Philippine island into "a howling wilderness."

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

I've been encouraged in recent years to see that American conservatives have not been enthusiastic for Clinton's wars.

By James Derek Mason (1st Lt.)

Recent years have seen the beginnings of another national debate over the military draft. Since 1973, the United States government has had the luxury of selecting those in our population who meet certain standards for military service. Prior to this, President Nixon was weighed down by the…

This report proposes to show that there is no Scriptural warrant, either stated or inferred, giving grounds for women to serve in the military.

By Jim West

I first met the late Greg L. Bahnsen in the early 1970s when he first attended Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Yes, it would be fair to say that Greg did not attend WTS — he invaded it. No sooner was he on the campus than his influence for Biblical Christianity as,…

By Colonel V. Doner

Scripture says we are to be as "salt" and "light." Salt is something that lends seasoning, tang, or piquancy (pleasantly sharp, stimulating, pro-vocative, or biting); salt is a preservative and if salt has lost its savor, what good is it? This article is for married women, which begs the…

By R. J. Rushdoony

Gnosticism is a theory of knowledge which, over the centuries, has exerted a most powerful influence.