Not Quite Wildfire, but Spreading

By Steve M. Schlissel
May 01, 1997

Urban Nations seeks to seize the mission opportunity given by God in His bringing millions of immigrants from all nations to our city (New York). We can fulfill the Great Commission, representatively, in a single generation, with His blessing.

From our inception, of course, we've recognized that the window of opportunity is not open in New York alone. Therefore we have as part of our raison d'être the doing of whatever we can to assist others in beginning the same or similar works where they are. We have received inquiries and offered help to mission-minded brothers in Africa and Australia, Canada, and other cities in the USA.

A work, encouraged in its initial stages by the UN program, has been started by a Reformed church in farmland Iowa; the pastor, with a wink, refers to it as "Rural Nations." It is now bringing the Gospel to Spanish-speaking laborers and their families.

We have assisted a work which is now underway in a San Jose, CA, Presbyterian church. We've been in touch with a Reformed brother who plans to do a similar ministry in Arkansas. We have plans to help a Reformed church get a mission to immigrants going in the Modesto, CA, area, and we're helping a Presbyterian church in Florida start a Bible-based ESL program using our model.

As time and resources allow, we want to help solid churches everywhere participate in seizing the day, bringing God's message to the aliens within our gates. If you would like to begin an Urban Nations branch, or simply use our model, adapted to your own special circumstances, we'd regard the opportunity of helping you as a gracious privilege, a gift from God. Let's hear from you.

The word is spreading: there is a golden opportunity before us. We must not let it pass us by.

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Steve M. Schlissel

Steve Schlissel has served as pastor of Messiah's Congregation in Brooklyn, New York, since 1979. Born and raised in New York City, Schlissel became a Christian by reading the Bible. He and Jeanne homeschooled their five children  and also helped raise several foster children (mostly Vietnamese). In 2003, they adopted Anna (who was born in Hong Kong in 1988, but is now a U.S. citizen). They have eight foster grandchildren and fourteen "natural" grandchildren.

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