The Crises of Our Times and the Ongoing Work of Christian Reconstruction

By Chalcedon
February 21, 2017
“Plant the seeds, sow the Word, establish truly Christian churches, free and independent Christian schools. Establish a Christian family life, and a godly operation in your farm or business life. The times may look bad for making a start, but there is no harvest without a planting.”  ~ R. J. Rushdoony

The world is transforming rapidly around us, and Christians have no clear call to action. Our mission remains the same: the work of advancing God’s Kingdom in every sphere of life. The future depends upon our efforts today!

A Blessing in Disguise?

The world was shocked by the recent election of President Donald Trump, but unlike other conservative victories, this was no clear victory for the Religious Right. In fact, Christians themselves are unsure about the future.

 However, this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the simple reason that Christians are realizing that statism is no solution, and despite previous Republican leaders, the culture continues its moral decline. What is the answer? Do Christians have a clear call to action?

The Work of Reconstruction

In a recent article posted on the Chalcedon blog, the point was made that we as Christians cannot “vote in” God’s blessings nor “pray away” His judgment. In other words, the solutions we’re looking for aren’t found in politics, but rather in our faithful work for God’s Kingdom.

Despite the ever changing times we live in, the work of reconstruction must continue, and that means establishing strong Christian families, schools, churches, businesses, and charitable organizations for the great cause of godly dominion.

No Harvest Without Planting

We are now reaping the harvest of the past few decades of commitment and sacrifice to create Christian schools and inspire families to begin homeschooling. For some families, they are in their second generation of homeschooling!

Aren’t we glad for the planting that was done in Christian education so many years ago? Did it matter what the times were like politically or socially? As Rushdoony said, “The times may look bad for making a start, but there is no harvest without planting.”

Faith and Action

The best day to plant is always today, and whether you are engaged in a sizable project yourself, or you’re helping to finance others do it, the time to act is now. What will the next few decades look like if we multiply our efforts in other spheres as we did in Christian education?

We have so many more tools and resources, and the cost for communication is pennies compared to the dollars of previous decades. Therefore, we can make a greater impact for a fraction of the cost, and the only thing required is what’s always needed: faith and action. Christians willing to work!

New Ways to Communicate

To better communicate Christian Reconstruction, Chalcedon continues its unabating efforts to maximize emerging publishing and promotional technologies for the sake of the Kingdom.

At this moment, a new, extensive, research web site is being launched featuring powerful search features that will enable users to find the content they need from the tens of thousands of resources presently available.

On February 6th, Chalcedon launched the new Book of the Month Club—an exciting way to leverage the latest web conferencing technologies in order to bring Christians together from anywhere in the world to participate in a group discussion on the important books of R. J. Rushdoony.

More sessions of Chalcedon Virtual Master Class have recently been added on medicine and music with much more to come, and the Men’s Round Table Discussion is gaining great resutls.

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