The Glorious Foundation of Christ: The Missing Clincher Argument in the Tongues Debate

By Kurt Snow
June 01, 2000

The Church has failed to present a persuasive argument for the cessation of tongues-speaking. The extent of this failure is illustrated not only by the growth of tongues-speaking in Pentecostal and Charismatic churches, but by scores of non-Charismatic Christians who are puzzled why the gift of tongues is not exercised in their own churches.

In The Glorious Foundation of Christ, Jim West presents an argument that most of us have never before considered. Writing clearly, and yet with kind regard to his Christian brethren in Charismatic churches, he argues that tongues are part of the completed foundation of the Christ's glorious work: the church. Because a foundation can be laid only once, and since tongues is a foundation gift of the Spirit, tongues-speaking is also a one-time gift. His cogent Biblical exposition demonstrates that the gift of speaking in tongues was exclusively for the founding of the church during the first century, and not for our day.

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Topics: Church, The, New Testament History, Theology

Kurt Snow

Kurt Snow is a political consultant in Sacramento. He attends Covenant Reformed Church in Sacramento with his wife and three children.

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