The True Legacy of Bill Clinton

By David L. Bahnsen
March 01, 2002

If you have been alive and awake this last week, you probably have seen and/or read repeated “year in review” news features. Obviously, the tragic events of September 11, 2001, have taken the lead story, as newspapers, networks, cable shows, etc. have flooded us with various recaps of what most certainly was the news story of the year. Since perhaps the first “newsworthy” event of 2001 was the inauguration of President George W. Bush, and the events of September 11 have caused all of us to think about a number of pressing issues, an interesting revelation came to my mind that I want to share.

History Remembers Slick Willie
Our former president, William Jefferson Clinton, has always been somewhat obsessed with the way in which history remembers him. Last week, in fact, he called a number of his aides to his Harlem office, in order to generate a “PR campaign” that will better state some of the highlights of his presidency. As a conservative Christian, I am not a fan of Bill Clinton. I doubt that is a surprise. However, with all of the talk about Bill Clinton’s legacy, I definitely am curious. I have come to the conclusion that I do know how history should, and will, remember Bill Clinton.

There are a number of Clinton supporters who claim that he will be remembered for the tremendous economic growth of the 1990’s. Unfortunately, there are too many people with IQs over 50 for that to be Clinton’s legacy. His gigantic tax raises, disgusting use of the Justice Department to stunt honest business growth (i.e., Microsoft), and his consistent love affair with environmentalism, all point to the fact that Clinton was no fan of business growth, and no real asset to economic expansion. Growth in the economy took place in the 90s in spite of Bill Clinton, not because of Bill Clinton. Furthermore, the fact that as he left office, the nation entered into a recession for the first time in over ten years, will further serve to take away the chance that Clinton’s legacy will be his work with the economy.

Despite my clear and perhaps overly stated views on Bill Clinton's personal life, I do not believe that history will only remember him for Monica Lewinsky. Sadly, there are too many people with moral IQs under 50, who will forever preach the line, “Everybody’s done it,” or “it is just his personal life.” Let’s not forget my favorite one: “Kenneth Starr was on a witch hunt”" (as if Kenneth Starr ever delivered a box of cigars to the White House). No, unfortunately, lying under oath, making a mockery of women, breaking the law, sexually harassing young girls, and performing sexual acts with someone nearly the same age as one’s daughter is just not that big of a deal any more. Americans do not condemn adultery that much. Feminism, the biggest cause of unhappiness in the female gender in history, is a colossal failure and hypocrisy. Bill Clinton illegally propositioned Paula Jones, was sexually involved with an intern, cheated on his wife repeatedly, and was prepared to sell Monica down the river. Yet, not one single women’s rights group had the courage or principle to condemn the man. If the women who claim to be advocates for people like Paula and Monica don’t have the guts to condemn Clinton (I could have said something else there), I doubt history will either.

Bill and September 11
No, it is not the economy, and it is not Monica. Bill Clinton’s legacy, I am convinced, will be eternally tied into September 11, 2001.

More and more facts continue to surface regarding the incompetence of the Clinton administration (and President Clinton himself) in dealing with the threat of terrorism. Over 3,000 people died on that fateful day, and I am firmly convinced that the events that took place September 11 represent the biggest failure of national security in our nation’s history. One confusing irony to me was the creation by President Bush, of a “Homeland Security” department. What in the world is the job of the pre-established Pentagon, State Department, and Defense Department, if it is not the “security” of our “homeland”? In the eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, the military departments under his command were not used to protect our homeland. They were used as a Wag-the-Dog whenever his sexual exploits made the front page, and they were used excessively in a war in Kosovo and Bosnia that did not have a thing to do with us. Osama bin Laden took credit for the murder of American civilians and servicemen, and publicly waged Jihad against our nation. Bill Clinton did nothing. His actions (and lack thereof) allowed a wealthy and competent terrorist to grow cells of other terrorism all over the world. We shot up Yugoslavians who had no beef with us whatsoever, while Osama planned the largest act of destruction on American soil in the last 140 years. I will never understand what President Clinton and his people were doing; but while Janet Reno was obsessed with breaking up the enterprise of Microsoft, and killing 88 people including children in Waco, TX, and putting a machine gun next to the head of a five-year old boy who had escaped Communism, there were Arab terrorists entering America illegally and taking flying lessons. While Madeline Albright and Bill Clinton took credit for the “greatest peace treaty in Arab history” (boy, that Israel/Palestine thing sure has turned out great, huh Bill?), European Al-Queda cells surfaced all over the continent, with direct financing links from Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden. The former president’s foreign policy record amounts to one disaster after another. The one legitimate task that he had — protecting our borders from foreign invasion — resulted in four airplanes being used like missiles, and 3,000 people dying.

History should remember Bill Clinton as the president who failed to pursue a terrorist who declared war on the states. It is historically accurate. It is backed up by facts. It is true.

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David L. Bahnsen

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