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A Review of Sanctification: Growing in Grace

The contributors to this volume approach the subject from various, but informative, angles.

  • Byron Snapp,
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Sanctification is a doctrine no Christian can neglect. The contributors to this volume approach the subject from various, but informative, angles. These add to the overall value of this very readable volume.

At the outset, readers will be reminded in Joseph Pipa's "Definitive Sanctification" that the basis for the Christian's sanctification is rooted in Christ's redemptive work. Christ's work motivates and empowers His people to sanctification.

Ian Hamilton contributes two chapters in which he focuses on the nature and goal of sanctification and the important place the means of grace has in aiding the believer to grow in the Lord.

C. N. Wilborn turns the reader's attention to adoption in his article that examines how Reformed thinkers have understood this doctrine. He gives the reader an opportunity to more deeply appreciate sanctification and the privileges that flow from it.

An important aspect of growing in holiness is the work, by God's grace, of mortifying our sin. Al Martin provides two very practical chapters in which he incorporates the thinking of John Owen on this easily neglected topic.

Morton Smith reminds the reader that no one will be perfect in this life as he provides a well-written historical survey and critique of the victorious life teaching that continues to exist in our day.

The volume concludes with pro (Neil Williams) and con (Joseph Pipa) articles on the Sonship manual. These two articles are worth the book's price due to the acceptance and popularity of the Sonship study in Reformed circles. These contributors are to be commended for dealing with doctrinal points, not the people, involved in Sonship.

Readers should rightly expect a volume on sanctification to be practical. Their expectations will not be disappointed in this work. The authors seek to keep the reader centered on God and Biblical teaching on this topic. Correct practice flows out of sound doctrine. Author after author interweave the two. The wide-ranging topics each relate to an important facet of sanctification and provide encouragement to the believer to press forward to greater obedience to the Lord.

Throughout the volume readers will find sound theology, historical overviews and a passion for the practice of pursuing holiness. This work should deepen the reader's understanding of sanctification and motivate him to pursue it for God's glory in terms of Scripture.

  • Byron Snapp

Byron Snapp is a graduate of King College (B.A.) and Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.). He was Associate Pastor at Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church, Hampton, Virginia, from 1994 until his retirement in December 2014. He is a native of Marion, Virginia.  He has had pastorates in Leakesville, Mississippi, and Gaffney, South Carolina.  He served as Assistant Pastor in Cedar Bluff, Virginia prior to his ministry at Calvary Reformed. He has served as editor of the Presbyterian Witness and was a contributor to A Comprehensive Faith and Election Day Sermons. He is currently a member of Westminster Presbytery in the PCA. He and his wife Janey have 3 children and several grandchildren. 

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