A Review of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

By Byron Snapp
June 16, 2005

History is composed of factual events with meanings and outcomes. It would seem to be a straightforward subject to teach. Yet, many students on college campuses are sitting under instructors who present a left-wing, biased version of history. The Puritans are most often portrayed in a negative light. According to the standard instructional line given in many classrooms, Christianity had little positive impact on American life and should have no voice in political discourse. Example after example could be given.

This volume is refreshing to read. The author, Thomas Woods, examines American historical eras and replaces many currently taught myths with truth. He explains the colonists’ negotiations with the Indians in order to obtain land, the difference in America’s War for Independence and the French Revolution, and the colonies’ reticence to enter into the Union unless they retained certain rights.

Subsequent chapters examine the causes for the War Between the States, the background for America’s entry into World Wars I and II, and the role of presidential policy in the Great Depression, the War on Poverty, and many foreign issues. The volume includes events through the Clinton presidency.

Throughout the volume, Woods illustrates how decisions made in the past have particular relevance and application to current events. History is far more than useless dates and unknown people. Sidebars provide important quotes that expose current politically incorrect positions. Other excellent books pertaining to the subjects covered in the chapters are listed.

The text is well written and includes illuminating quotations made by civil government officials that shed light on important decisions. The volume evidences respect for America and also for truth. It reveals any number of errant and/or duplicitous decisions made by former leaders that had ramifications beyond our borders and time. We need to know the reality of our country’s grim failures as well as its great feats.

This book is one that particularly needs to be placed in the hands of high school and college students. It contains a wealth of ammunition that can be used to pierce the misinformation balloons continually being launched in history classes. Aptly used, it can point students to good, basic resources.

This text is also a worthwhile addition in adult libraries. Many were taught history that contained partly misinterpreted fact and even myth. This volume aids in unpacking the disheveled educational suitcase and re-packing it properly. Homeschooling parents can benefit by using these insights in their teaching of American history. Many available texts perpetuate history myths rather than correct them.

I am grateful for the availability of this work and commend its usage to students and adults who love our nation and who love historical accuracy and truth.

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Byron Snapp

Byron Snapp is a graduate of King College (B.A.) and Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.). He was Associate Pastor at Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church, Hampton, Virginia, from 1994 until his retirement in December 2014. He is a native of Marion, Virginia.  He has had pastorates in Leakesville, Mississippi, and Gaffney, South Carolina.  He served as Assistant Pastor in Cedar Bluff, Virginia prior to his ministry at Calvary Reformed. He has served as editor of the Presbyterian Witness and was a contributor to A Comprehensive Faith and Election Day Sermons. He is currently a member of Westminster Presbytery in the PCA. He and his wife Janey have 3 children and several grandchildren. 

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