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African Reformed Alliance Report (A.R.A)

  • Aaron R. Kayayan,
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Following A. R. Kayayan’s recent trip to several French-speaking African countries, and the constitution of new Reformed Confessing Churches, upon his suggestion, an African Reformed Alliance has been established.

Members of the Alliance are Reformed Confessing Churches of Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Togo, Zaire (soon to be followed by other countries), as well as various non-ecclesiastical organizations, and individual Reformed Christians.

The Alliance has adopted as its doctrinal basis The Confession of Faith of the Reformed Churches (Gallicana) of 1559. Only Africans will be its members; if a non-French-speaking church, or organization of African origin, wishes to become a partner, there will be a provision for their inclusion.

The aim of A.R.A is to establish:

  • • a Christian fellowship between several Reformed Churches and individuals.
  • • a mutual encouragement.
  • • exchange of information.
  • • the promotion of a Reformed Faith and world-view.
  • • the elaboration, wherever and whenever possible, of a common strategy for the realization of the above goals, based on a strong and consequent Reformed doctrinal, ecclesiastical and socio-cultural thinking.

The idea has been enthusiastically greeting by all the churches of Reformed persuasion in French-speaking Africa. An Executive Committee will coordinate both the desired fellowship and meetings and common action. A news exchange, to appear biannually, will be issued by Reformed Faith and Action, c/o A. R Kayayan, in Palos Heights, IL.

To promote and strengthen A.R.A., a correspondence course called DIDASKALIA, is being prepared; in two or three years, subjects such as Dogmatics, Ethics, Pastoral Theology, Reformed Philosophy, Cults and Religions, will be taught. Several candidates have already been registered. They will be acquainted with Reformed thinking and action, in order to, in their turn, train church members for the mission.

  • Aaron R. Kayayan

Rev. Aaron R. Kayayan is director of Perspectives Reformers, with headquarters in Palos Heights, Illinois. He is one of the great missionaries of our time. His writings and sermons are communicated to French-speaking countries throughout the world. He may be reached at 12233 S. 70th Ave., Palos Heights, IL 60463 or by email at [email protected].

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