Bishop Closes Church Because It Won’t Go For Same-Sex Unions

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
December 24, 2003

The Bible on the holy reading desk in the church states clearly God's abhorrence for same-sex physical bonding; nevertheless, the bishop closed the church that heeded the Bible rather than the bishop.

An Anglican bishop in British Columbia, according to the Associated Press, shut the doors of the Holy Cross Church in Abbotsford. That left the pastor and flock shivering outside. The house of prayer without its shepherd. The sheep without their "inn" at Christmas, no less.

Doesn't matter. The bishop sanctions same-sex unions. It doesn't matter if the congregation and leadership hold to the holy faith. Political correctness according to the Anglican liberals must hold sway.

Bishop Michael Ingham took charge. The entrance to the altar was no longer an entrance for worshipers. Only the apostate could enter therein.

Pastor James Wagner was left shaking his head. "As far as the diocese is concerned, we do not exist. We are a non-entity," he said. "But I will not abandon these people. I will continue to pastor and pray for them in the midst of this crisis."

Now that's a true shepherd. The bishop has lost his way. Sad, but true in an age given over to its own definitions of the Christian faith.

The church decided it could not adhere to the bishop's apostasy and so moved to a bishopric in keeping with the Bible. That prodded the bishop and his ilk to remove funding from the congregation. No more moneys from the diocese. That led to the church doors being closed shut.

Another time, another place, some holy wanderers were put out of an inn. So the story continues, even to this day. Sad, but true.

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J. Grant Swank, Jr.

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