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Christian Statesman Radio

"The voice of righteous thunder" is broadcast throughout Northeast Ohio each Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. over radio station WERE 1300 AM (Cleveland).

  • Sheryl Ferroni,
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"The voice of righteous thunder" is broadcast throughout Northeast Ohio each Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. over radio station WERE 1300 AM (Cleveland). The man behind the voice is Rev. Jeffrey A. Ziegler, president of Christian Endeavors and Reformation Bible Institute, a gifted teacher and long-time reconstructionist who has sought "to boldly define the religious landscape of Ohio and translate that into social power." His hour-long issues-driven program provides Ziegler yet another vehicle among many with which to take ground for the kingdom of Christ.

"Christian Statesman Radio" claims to broadcast the platform of the Religious Right from a strictly Christian perspective. The articulate, confident, and knowledgeable Ziegler accomplishes this in a very forthright and succinct manner. You can be certain that self-proclaimed "right-wingers" have had to redefine their political position to meet the convincing criteria set forth by Ziegler. The politically charged issues addressed on the program are centered on their relevance to the Christian Faith. Topics for discussion have included abortion, political activism, home education, national confessionalism, Knoxian social theory, and the establishment of godly government.

Ziegler opens the program with a well-controlled monologue that effectively sets the stage for the day's program. His quick paced, rapid-firing presentation leaves the listener in awe wondering if the good Reverend is reading a pre-prepared script. However, it becomes obvious when Ziegler opens the phone lines or when an impromptu call comes in, that this gentleman has clearly thought through the issues, and has been gifted with the ability to present the Reformed position emphatically and without apology. WERE's programming is marketed toward a very secular audience; thus, frequent callers like Ted, an over-educated would-be Greek philosopher-king who idolizes Plato and Aristotle, keep Ziegler full of opportunities to evangelize and educate the public about the Christian principles that our country was founded upon. Though he remains polite and courteous, Ziegler literally cuts through the smoke and exposes the type of democratic nightmare with which Ted and his cohorts would enslave us. Were Ziegler to be confined to the comforts of Christian radio, the urgency of the message he brings would surely have far less impact, sandwiched between sets of Christianized elevator music.

Leo Harris, an extremely capable and talented orchestrator of the airwaves, technically assists Ziegler. Not only does he keep the program running smoothly; he screens calls and serves as an accurate gauge of public reaction. Leo smiles and shakes his head a lot, yet I'm not sure this means he disagrees with what he is hearing. Christians (Recons aside!) with guts are a new phenomena for most people.

With the day's topic sufficiently introduced, Ziegler turns the microphone over to Rev. Phillip "Pastorman" Vollman for a "Clinton Watch Update." Vollman is the senior pastor of Shiloh Christian Church in Leroy, Ohio, and is well known and respected for his political involvement and uncompromising stand for the unborn. Pastorman meticulously searches the Internet and national news sources to bring to the common folk an update of relevant affairs in Washington D.C. You'll never hear this stuff on the news at 6 or read it in the morning paper. He has an earnest desire to expose the sin of our philandering President and to send a wake-up call to a sleeping church that has allowed this corrupt administration to take root in our country.

Pastorman also keeps tabs on current national events, as well as state and local political activity and the effects they have on the American people. Vollman's sincere desire to see this country return to her godly roots is evident and his ability to speak to the common man commendable.

In the interview portion of the program, Ziegler has hosted an eclectic group of people representing laudable Christian endeavors. Guests have included: Rev. Andrew Sandlin, editor of the Chalcedon Report; Bill Einwechter, editor of The Christian Statesman; Larry Pratt, director of Gun Owners of America; Bernie Kromer, director of Take Back America; and many local activists who are being converted to reconstructionism. For a homeschooling segment, Ziegler interviewed three mothers currently teaching their children at home. Karen Ziegler, wife of the host, presented a fresh list of resources, and encouragement for others new to the home schooling movement; Jane Coumos, who, amid smoke from a kitchen fire that required a 9-1-1 call, urged fellow veterans on with current legal information on home education; and Sheryl Ferroni provided the details of pre-regulation homeschooling, recounting her experience over the past 17 years.

In answer to the liberal jargon that "Christians want to stop abortion yet do nothing with the children that are spared from death in the womb," Ziegler interviewed Gary Humble. Mr. Humble, with his wife Mona, have adopted a special needs child. Stephen is a joyful, lively little one with several physical challenges. Gary is a New Start board member. New Start is an adoption agency founded by Dona Setzer; it specializes in the placement of special needs children like Stephen.

Frequently Ziegler interviews candidates for public office whose conservative views benefit from CSR exposure. Re-elected State Representative Ron Young, a Lake County, OH, Republican, spent a lot of pre-election time on the program promoting Christian principles in government. Joe Slovenec, candidate for the U.S. House and long time pro-life and political activist, who lost a hard-fought battle in a heavily entrenched democratic area, also brought his campaign to the airwaves.

Locally, Ziegler has affected the political climate with his untiring effort and his faithful pursuit of the establishment of godliness in government. When questions with legal ramification arise, such as picketing or bringing a civil suit against pornographers, he relies on the good judgment of attorneys James O'Leary and Jeffrey Tuomala, who have appeared on the program on several occasions to clarify such issues in a judicial manner.

Fellow statesmen and patriots would do well to follow the lead of Jeffrey A. Ziegler. If we are to impact society in a way that will advance the kingdom of God, we must be willing to publicly proclaim the Faith and the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ. As reconstructionists, we owe this to our forebearers and many future generations.

"Christian Statesman Radio" is now available on the World Wide Web. To download the broadcasts, access CSR's Christian Endeavors and Reformation Bible Institute-sponsored website at: To download Real Player, simply follow the link from CSR's site.

This venture not only allows CSR to be broadcast nationally and internationally, but also enables its sponsors to receive the same benefits of worldwide publicity while being linked to an explicitly Christian cause. If you would like to become a CSR sponsor or would like to send donations to this kingdom-advancing cause, you can reach Jeffrey Ziegler by writing in care of:

Christian Endeavors, 35155 Beachpark Drive, Eastlake, OH, 44095.