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Did Rushdoony Invent the Podcast?

Rushdoony saw the importance of the audio format for deep discussions as a way to promote ideas.

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No doubt he saw the importance of the audio format for deep discussions as a way to promote ideas.

Wikipedia defines a podcast as “an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening,” and the reason someone would produce a podcast is to “to express a personal passion, increase professional visibility, enter into a social network of influencers or influential ideas, cultivate a community of like-minded viewership, or put forward pedagogical or ideological ideas.”

Rushdoony began his Easy Chair audio series as a way to provide more content to Chalcedon supporters in a discussion format instead of the didactic or scholarly content of articles, essays, and books.

Conversations are engaging, and how often do people say, “I’d love to be a fly on the wall when those two talk?” Recorded audio discussions such as the Easy Chair enabled Chalcedon supporters to be that fly on the wall when great minds conversed on relevant topics to the Christian life.

This was the same motive behind our launch of the Chalcedon Podcast—now on Episode 10. Our desire was to better connect with our supporters and subscribers as well as provide an easy way to reach new listeners—and viewers—of Chalcedon’s message. Because the podcast is available in both audio and video format on multiple platforms, it’s never been easier to access and share its content.

As noted in the opening article, if Rushdoony had access to our technology during the early years of Chalcedon, it no doubt would have accelerated and increased the reach of Christian Reconstruction. Now that we have the technology, and more resources, are we doing less or more with what we have? Our society is changing rapidly, so we must meet the resistance with godly action. Podcasts are a great way to carry your ideas with you.

In addition to the Chalcedon Podcast, our own Andrea Schwartz has published over 120 episodes of the Out of the Question Podcast, and both are available on our website. These audio programs along with the thousands of sermons, lectures, essays, articles, and books make the Chalcedon website the go-to resource for Christian Reconstruction.

Please continue to pray and financially support Chalcedon as we strive to advance Christ’s Kingdom.

Chalcedon Editorial
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