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Fighting for the Defenseless: 30,000 Children Put to the Hands of Molesters

USJF immediately began collaborating with Life Dynamics, Inc., in Denton, Texas, to get a sense of whether Planned Parenthood was reporting cases of known or suspected sexual abuse of these same children.

  • Scott Lively,
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About a year ago, Gary G. Kreep, Richard D. Ackerman, and the United States Justice Foundation ( became aware of the fact that over 30,000 minors had been seen by Planned Parenthood affiliates in Southern California . Upon finding this out, USJF immediately began collaborating with Life Dynamics, Inc., in Denton, Texas, to get a sense of whether Planned Parenthood was reporting cases of known or suspected sexual abuse of these same children.

USJF was shocked to find out that there did not appear to be a single instance of mandatory child abuse reporting in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside County Planned Parenthood affiliates. More shocking was the fact that USJF discovered that about half a dozen toddlers (ages 1�5) had been seen by Planned Parenthood for treatment relating to sexually transmitted diseases.

Gary Kreep decided to take USJF into battle to defend these innocent children and to protect them from further molestation. This is not the first time Kreep has taken on less than popular causes to protect children. He has been defending children's rights since 1979, when he began the practice of law. Over the last 25 or so years, he has defended the rights of thousands of children.

Unfortunately, Kreep's decision to defend born and unborn children has led to the filing of motions by Planned Parenthood that could result in USJF, Kreep, and Ackerman being unable to further defend the innocent. As of right now, they are facing over $75,000 in court fines for deciding to take on Planned Parenthood. While it might be easy to say that they did something wrong and that “something's missing from the picture”, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The latest court ruling against USJF accepted the arguments of Planned Parenthood that there is a First Amendment right to promote adult-child sexual relations ( i.e., through the “Unequal Partners” program) and that children have a privacy right that outweighs any interest in finding the molester who might have given a toddler a sexually transmitted disease. The San Diego Superior Court also accepted the notion that “no reasonable” attorney would ever argue anything to the contrary and based a $15,000 fine on this claim. One would like to believe that “no reasonable human being” would argue that children have a right of privacy that includes a right to be molested, even at five years of age. The Court's acceptance of this sickly reasoning is a priori proof that Kreep has defended righteousness.

USJF needs help. What is not known to most run-of-the-mill conservatives is that Kreep and USJF have been behind many battles that are important to Christians. USJF has defended the Pledge of Allegiance before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. USJF has represented the interests of members of Congress, California State Senate members, California State Assembly members, various school board members, and many private citizens who care about the defense of the Constitution. Kreep and his organization have represented the interests of pro-life activists, the interests of the preborn, and have taken on novel cases that other organizations have refused out of fear of reprisal.

USJF does not charge for its services, and Kreep has distinguished USJF as the antithesis of the ACLU. But for organizations like Kreep's, conservatives and Christians would have no chance to defeat the onslaught of dangerous legal thinking and action by our liberal courts. If USJF is caused to pay over $75,000 to Planned Parenthood lawyers, it may well be forced to discontinue its quarter-of-a-century legacy of defending our rights. We need to let Gary Kreep know that we care about him as a brother in arms in the conservative movement, and, more importantly, as a brother in Christ. Now is the time to show that faith is more than a belief, it is action.