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How Pro-Choice Women Sell Their Souls

"Would you speak to our class on behalf of the pro-life position?" the public school teacher asked me over the phone.

  • J. Grant Swank, Jr.,
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"Would you speak to our class on behalf of the pro-life position?" the public school teacher asked me over the phone.

"Yes," was my immediate, glad response.

So there I was before the high school class, speaking on behalf of women, children, pregnancy, life, love, responsibility, hope, community, nurturing, and family. It was my privilege. It was a speaker's adrenaline rush.

The students were very attentive, far more than I had expected them to be. The teacher sat at her desk, appearing neutral on the subject at hand.

Then after I finished what I had to say, the Planned Parenthood rep came to the front of the room, presenting her position.

She looked like a model for a fashion magazine. She was exceptionally poised and of course well-spoken — smooth voice, smiling face, appropriate gestures while delivering her message — the works.

I could tell that she had the class in the palm of her hand. She knew her business and delivered it first-class.

Of course, what was behind her doublespeak was murder — sheer murder. She defended in classy terms the right to kill a child in a woman's womb. Not just a woman's womb, but a mother's womb. Mother and child go together in this scenario. So it was more than woman; it was mother, too.

Every time I am a part of one of these dialogues in the marketplace of our communities, I leave with a sick feeling way in the pit of my stomach. It is not only that I have had to endure one more charade of defending-the-right-to-kill-off-an-innocent-baby-who-has-no-say-in-the-matter; but also I have had to watch a female go sour right in front of all of our eyes.

It is, in spiritual terms, another example of The Fall — the devilment come upon the human race because of mortals' disobedience to a loving, holy Creator God — the souring of the female He created originally in His own image.

How far can a female fall?

We are well aware of the female in the street, giving her body for pay. We are aware of the female who beats up her children, throws them in the lake or burns them alive in an abandoned house. We are aware of the female who clobbers her husband then calls the cops, claiming that he perpetrated the incident.

But to watch a perfectly manicured, well-bred, smiling female in front of children telling them in doublespeak how to murder a child — how it is their right to see a child obliterated if that is their wish — is truly one of the chilling stand-offs a morally sensitive person has to endure.

So it is that they are legion. They are womanning our television talk shows. They are co-hosting our morning telecasts. They are starring in our movies. They are sitting in our Congress. They are taking charge of governorships. They are writing our newspaper editorials and editing our flashy newsstand magazines. They are teaching our school children and becoming principals and school superintendents.

These females have turned sour all around us.

And all the while the snow falls upon meadows. Blue birds come to the feeders on a frosty morning. Mothers buy baby food in the corner grocery aisle. And boys and girls sled down the neighbor's hillside.

Females turning soul can appear as the most natural thing going. That's why it's so tragic, particularly when realizing its is actuality all around us.

Something akin to Hitler's soldiers gunning down the Jews in winter outside a quiet German metropolis.

  • J. Grant Swank, Jr.
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