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Innocence Trapped

  • Linda Hoffman,
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"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good" (Proverbs 15:3).

It becomes clear that there is a problem when a vacuum cleaner commercial is like an oasis to your soul. When watching a neighbor across the street simply folding laundry in their garage, somehow brings you a sense of peace and normalcy. It seems any break from the invasion of news headlines is eagerly anticipated and much needed.

The scenes that have been imprinted on my mind seemed to have hit a playback button and continue to wrench my heart with each viewing. The pictures of buildings crumbling to the floor like a lego castle built by a three-year old. My mind races through all the possibilities of situations that may have occurred inside before the streets of New York became silent in the shock of this tragedy. The mothers, the fathers, children, husbands and wives it's more than my heart can bear.

I watch as America weeps so intensely over the innocent people who were trapped inside these infernos with no way to escape. Many knew there was no hope for a rescue from such a horrific site. These pictures in my mind have somehow found a parallel with other disgusting images that, ironically, America has placed deep within. So many thousands of babies, trapped with no hope of escaping death before their first breath. Tiny babies formed by our Creator terrorized within the womb. Why is it that I see no tears in the eyes of so many people over these precious souls? Just like the victims in these terrorist acts, these little ones are trapped, and victims of selfish immaturity.

Our God is sovereign and, therefore, is the only One Who knows why these circumstances surround us. Standing so small before my huge Lord, I would never think of trying to assume to know the reasons. But these situations certainly make us stand still, look around us, and hopefully make us fall on our knees before our King. We desperately need His guidance, His forgiveness, His protection, and His justice. I praise God that I don't have to lean on commercials to find my stability, and my sanity. I have the privilege of crawling under His wing, humbling myself before Him and resting in His sovereignty.

I thank my God for the blessing of my children who surround my days. They are constant reminders of my God's love and His beauty. I will spend my days raising these little ones to be warriors for my King as it has become abundantly clear there is a war ahead that we must equip them to win.