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Introducing Westminster Biblical Missions

Westminster Biblical Missions (WBM) was born in 1973 in answer to a Macedonian call from Reformed believers in Korea and Pakistan. These believers were not asking for more missionaries, but for training so that they might finish the work of reaching their countrymen for Christ.

  • Dennis Roe,
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Our Calling

Westminster Biblical Missions (WBM) was born in 1973 in answer to a Macedonian call from Reformed believers in Korea and Pakistan. These believers were not asking for more missionaries, but for training so that they might finish the work of reaching their countrymen for Christ. A small group of men in the United States saw in this a unique opportunity. They felt much more could he accomplished in this way, with God's help, than by the conventional method of relying on American missionaries to do the work of evangelism and church planting in foreign lands. A constitution was drawn up requiring that all of WBM's work would he true to the Word of God and the Reformed faith. The goal of WBM, then, became that of glorifying God by  obeying the Great Commission to disciple the nations and do it after the pattern of Biblical Christianity, Reformed according to the Word of God.

Westminster Biblical Missions receives its name from its commitment to a Biblical approach to missions and its understanding of the Bible as set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. Being fully committed to this standard, WBM pledges to uphold it in faith and life. We hold to the absolute inerrancy of all Scripture, the infinite glory

of the three persons of the Trinity, the creation of all things out of nothing, the fall of Adam into sin and the total depravity of the entire human race, the wrath of God upon sin, the absolute deity and sinless humanity of Christ, the saving work of Christ in behalf of those given to him of the Father, the bodily resurrection of Christ, the irresistible work of Christ's Spirit in drawing his own to himself, justification by  grace alone through faith alone, the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, the preservation and empowering of the church in all ages, and the return of our Savior to earth to judge the wicked and exalt the redeemed. In short, it is the purpose of WBM to present the person and work of Christ to the nations so that glory might come to God the Father, by  the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

Westminster Biblical Missions is committed to planting and multiplying Reformed churches on the foreign field. To accomplish this, believers must he trained to teach their own people of Christ and his truth. The role of foreign missionaries should not be that of doing the work so much as that of showing nationals how to do it—training them to stand in the Faith, defend the Faith, and spread the Faith. These principles of missions were ably set forth by  John L. Nevius (1829-1893), a Presbyterian missionary to China, in his hook Planting and Development of Missionary Churches (1885). Nevius called for the establishment of self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating national churches. This approach keeps national churches from dependency on foreign aid. When combined with training national believers in the Word, it is certain to have far greater results than anything a foreign missionary force could accomplish on its own. It is also incredibly cost effective. And, if the door should close to foreigners, the work will go on.

Our Method

As the early church spread the Word, new believers were discipled and shown how to complete the work of the Great Commission in their area. The apostles then moved on. Today, we see many missions at work, but without any goal whatsoever of establishing a national church. Most missions, Bible-believing ones included, are focused on their own efforts. It also seems to be that mission officials are reluctant to enter into controversy on the field. If nationals are to be trained to defend the Faith, however, it is essential that false gospels and false ideologies he exposed. WBM, therefore, opposes the false gospel of many Roman Catholic and Protestant churches on the mission field. W B M also opposes the apostasy found in the World Council of Churches. The ecumenical movement is everywhere today, and missionary agencies which do not confront its liberal social gospel on their fields are not faithful to Christ. It is a great delusion to think that mission work can advance without discipling or, if discipling he recognized, that it can be done without contending against the claims of false gospels and ideologies which, in the name of Christ, are seducing the hearts and minds of men.

Our Work

WBM accomplishes its purpose on foreign fields primarily through the Biblical education of promising young people in Korea, Pakistan, Hungary, and Mexico. In Korea, over 650 students are enrolled in Westminster School of Theology, founded in Seoul in 1969. Graduates have pioneered over 600 churches in South Korea and are presently working as missionaries in 15 other countries. They have had a powerful impact on government and society as well. In Pakistan our theological seminary is building up the Lahore Church Council.

Bible literacy centers have been developed to teach villagers how to read the Bible. Calvin Academy trains Christian children how to follow Christ, and yearly conferences reach thousands. WBM also has a strong publishing program of Reformed literature in Urdu. In Hungary students are being trained at Karolyi Caspar Institute of Theology and Missions, begun in 1992 and now located in Miskolc. These young men are preaching the gospel and reviving churches in Hungary and Romania, areas formerly under Communist control. In Mexico, WBM is assisting in a work with the Tarascan Indians. In all these places, WBM is laboring by  God's grace to promote the truth and train nationals to stand in the Faith and to reach the lost for Christ.

Our Workers

WBM has a board which oversees its constitutional, personal, and financial matters. Its staff is headed by Rev. Dennis F. Roe, a minister in the Reformed Church in the United States. Dennis Roe is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War and served other mission agencies before becoming general secretary in 1987. The fields are administered by field secretaries. Rev. Farl F. Pinckney oversees the Pakistan ministry while Dr. Robert S. Rapp supervises the work in Korea and Hungary/Romania. Rev. Pinckney and Dr. Rapp are ministers in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). They have been with W B M from its beginning and have given pivotal guidance to the mission during its history. Dr. Rapp has written numerous articles and booklets over the years promoting missions and exposing the World Council of Churches. His two-volume textbook, Biblical Theology, is used throughout Korea as a standard reference work. Rev. Alexander David, a Pakistani national who oversees the Pakistan Village Ministry, is translating Reformed writings into the Urdu language. Other gifted leaders working with the mission are Rev. Sardar Ahmed Din in Pakistan, Dr. David Kim in Korea, Rev. Steven Bojtor in Hungary, and Dr. Max Lathrop in Mexico.

Become Involved

Westminster Biblical Missions needs your help in carrying out its part in Christ's Great Commission. We seek men and women of God who share our vision to glorify God through the discipling of the nations to Christ. We want you and your church, first of all, to understand our work. We are in a spiritual battle. Therefore, we urge you to pray for us that we may remain faithful in our calling, courageous in proclaiming the whole counsel of God, and ready to enter new doors the Lord may he opening for us. We also ask you to give sacrificially to support our fields and the work of our staff at home. You will never find a better place to invest your missionary dollars.

WBM will see to it that your gifts go in their entirety to the fields and projects you designate. We need dedicated churches which will stand behind us. Christ has ordained his church at home to build his church abroad. Please send all inquiries, letters, and gifts to:

Westminster Biblical Missions
P.O. Box 602
Carbondale, Pennsylvania 18407