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Living in the Crosshairs

We will always be in the crosshairs of those who hate God; we might as well pick up and use the weapons that we have as believers. We are armed with the Truth that can turn the most rabid enemies of God into born again believers.

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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God’s elect have always been in the crosshairs of the enemies of God. An example is Satan challenging God that Job was only faithful because God had blessed him. From a man-centered perspective Job was minding his own business, attempting to live righteously and guide his family similarly, and ends up being targeted with one misfortune and disaster after another. What we don’t always consider is that one of the ways God grows His people is to allow adversity and trouble to visit them, in order for them to fulfill God’s call and purpose for their lives.

I believe that there is an army in place that is the result of the quiet revolution that began in the middle of the last century, with the formation of Christian day schools and Christian homeschooling. Those given a godly education have grown into an impressive army of challengers to the “forces of darkness.” Many were quietly grown in the families across America who refused to bow the knee to the state and turn their children over to the ungodly propaganda institutions training them to work toward the destruction of American culture.

R.J. Rushdoony asserted that Christians must be educated as Christians in order to stem the tide of humanistic destruction. Not only was a generation of young people steeped in Christian curriculum, many of their parents had received a statist education and learned alongside their children. These students were not content to remain silent and became part of the growing Christian Reconstruction movement with its theonomic understanding of reclaiming the culture.

It is time to pay attention to this generation of homeschool and Christian school graduates who grew up in an age of social media, the internet, and video conferencing, etc., and who have mastered these tools. They bring to the battle new and innovative ways to influence and change people’s minds. The baby boomer generation must hand the baton to this younger generation encouraging them with their strategies to gain the victory promised by Christ. We must have confidence in the way they were educated to be warriors for the Kingdom. We must trust the Holy Spirit and believe that our labors for the Lord were not and are not in vain. In addition, there are many the Lord delivered from the indoctrination of statist education who have first-hand experience of how the humanistic system that sought to bury their in-born knowledge of God and His law works. Along with Rushdoony’s writings, God brought them mentors.

These children of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s are moving forward with a strong Christian foundation and we must believe that God’s preparation will bear fruit. Their methods might be different from ours, but keep in mind that many of the “heroes of the faith” did not always have parents who saw their vision or agreed with it. Many took roads contrary to what their fathers envisioned, and God’s Kingdom advanced.

Let me chronicle some of the victories that are in process that you may not be aware of. The obvious evidences of apostasy and revolution are being seized as opportunities for God’s people to expose the deeds of darkness.

Before the Corona lockdowns (house arrest to some), topics that were rarely questioned by major segments of the population are now getting a voice. What I am about to chronicle should not be taken as an endorsement for any person or group. I want to show that there is a multi-pronged response initiated by God to demonstrate the failure of humanism and its inevitable collapse.

Just as violent protestors don’t spring up from nowhere, the fruit of education in the Christian faith has produced a slew of both famous and ordinary people. You don’t have to agree with all of the people I highlight or their strategies and tactics. My hope is that you think beyond your own capabilities or ideas and see how God is raising up His warriors.

There are individuals and groups coming to the forefront with a fearless posture, determined to share the truth rather than allow an evil bureaucracy to further enslave people. Groups like Frontline Physicians are not backing down when it comes to informing the public of actual rather than manufactured science. Their recent censorship by Big Tech has demonstrated that the ruling elite do not have the best interests of all in mind.

Big Pharma now has to deal with well-known figures like Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Robert Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, and Judy Mikovits who reveal the ingredients and side-effects of drugs and vaccinations, along with the liability-free pharmaceutical industry’s lack of accountability for their products. There is extensive, well-documented material available in video, podcasts, and print that can no longer be classified as kooky or conspiratorial.

Men like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci now have more critics who expose their depopulating agendas. Although there are many outlets that seek to censor this information, various venues remain open for serious investigation.

Most importantly, there are regular everyday physicians who are faithfully serving their patients without a lot of fanfare or celebrity-seeking behavior. Many are Christians who are not bowing the knee to Caesar, and actively serving the Lord.

Another issue that has come to light is the atrocity committed against children, whether for pornography, molestation, organ harvesting, or satanic rituals. While these crimes have been ongoing, more people are talking about them as a result of documentaries. People like Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad gave up lucrative careers to devote time and energy to rescuing children. With these efforts, this multibillion-dollar industry has been exposed and children are being rescued. These fearless advocates for children won’t back down. Crimes that have been kept secret for so long are now being exposed.

The move to distance learning because of the Corona closures has given parents the ability to examine what and how their children were learning. Many have realized how little of value was going on in their children’s classrooms, and have made the jump to homeschooling, while others are investigating private schools. Many who have been involved in encouraging people to remove their children from these hell holes are ready, willing, and able to step in and help these families. A virus that caused the closure of schools is preventing an even greater spiritual virus from continuously infecting the children of Christian families. This is God’s merciful doing.

Those participating in the anarchistic social unrest that is occurring today got their marching orders from professors and administrators in colleges and universities that systematically have worked to undermine the Christian family and Christianity. When the on-campus instruction ceased, many parents and students rethought the “value” of going to a prestigious school at the cost of decades of servitude in paying off student loans. Men like Victor Davis Hanson have called attention to this corruption and have exposed the unholy alliance of universities and government bureaucracies. Mike Rowe and his organization provides educational alternatives that lead to meaningful and productive work, rather than “social justice” indoctrination that springs from the corrupt halls of modern education.

More and more independent journalists and filmmakers have unveiled the status quo in Washington, D.C., and many state houses. Journalist Ben Swann tackles stories and issues many would rather avoid. People from various racial and ethnic groups are no longer walking in lockstep with liberals who could always count on their votes. Public figures like Candace Owen and Larry Elder are encouraging black people to align themselves, not with those who share their skin color, but those who share their faith and moral values.

The truth about abortion as a way to depopulate unwanted people groups and enrich others from the sale of human baby parts, has shifted the “prevailing opinion” that all Americans are for “choice.” Today, more and more young people don’t buy into the idea of a human in the womb being just a blob of tissue. They call themselves the Pro-Life Generation.

David Daleiden, of the Center for Medical Progress, orchestrated a comprehensive investigation into the selling of human fetal tissue by Planned Parenthood. He pursued his mission knowing full well the strength, power, and connections of his opponents. He, and those who teamed up with him, considered the cost when it came to the protection of the unborn, and haven’t backed down.

Lila Rose of Live Action grew up in a Christian homeschool. What began as a high school group of homeschooling friends, grew into an international organization. Lila became a thorn in the sides of abortion providers when she and others posed as potential clients, getting the staff at clinics throughout the country (on camera) to admit that they were in violation of laws and aiding pimps and sexual enslavement. Her fearlessness can only be attributed to the power of the Holy Spirit and her desire to answer God’s call.

We will always be in the crosshairs of those who hate God; we might as well pick up and use the weapons that we have as believers. We are armed with the Truth that can turn the most rabid enemies of God into born again believers. Many of today’s most ardent followers of God’s Word were pulled from the ranks of communism, socialism, and a slew of false religions and cults. The people of God are far from powerless. Our opposition knows full well that the Truth sets people free, even though they want no part of Him.

We do live in the crosshairs because we battle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places. Our greatest comfort in this is that when we are in Christ, our enemies become His enemies, and our victory is assured. We are a part of a great cloud of witnesses (Heb. 11) who lived in the crosshairs of God’s enemies, but triumphed. Let us accept our “privilege” of being among those whom God has chosen to be a part of this great fight—a fight that we know ends in victory.