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London and Islam

  • Stephen Hays,
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On the day of the London bombings (7/7), I heard a top British official say on international TV that the words Islam and terrorist don’t belong in the same sentence.

St. Paul says that Satan is the “god of this world” (2 Cor. 4:4). Recasting that in modern lingo, we might say that Satan is a social engineer. There is, indeed, no other way to explain the political culture in Europe.

In the past, Islam tried to conquer Western Europe, but was driven back. Today, however, Islam is winning without a fight.

This is due, in part, to Europe’s anti-family policy, made possible by abortion and birth control. Yet Europe doesn’t have enough bodies to keep the retirees afloat, so it must import more bodies — many coming from the Muslim world.

One out of eight Londoners is a Muslim. This is the capital city. Indeed, Muslims have informally renamed it “Londonistan.”

In England you have mullahs and imams who openly incite their flock to wage jihad. It is not a crime in England to foment violence in the name of Allah. On the other hand, it is a crime to speak ill of Islam. An Englishman can be charged with a hate crime for speaking ill of Islam. (See

If that were not bad enough, the hate-mongers are subsidized by the government. That’s right. They’re on the dole. They, too, are embosomed by the nanny state.

Oh, but it gets even worse. Tony Blair, devout Eurocrat that he is, made Great Britain a signatory to the European Union’s Human Rights Acts. This means that the jihadis are almost immune to detention, deportation, extradition, or prosecution. And, needless to say, the tab for their legal expenses is, again, snapped up by the state.

It is not just the political establishment that panders to the Muslims. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, is no less fawning.

It is not as if the enemy had a hidden agenda. The jihadis have been quite explicit about their intentions. They want to restore the caliphate and bring the whole wide world under Islamic law.

Now just imagine if this was how Churchill tried to fight the Third Reich. Imagine if one out of every eight Londoners was a Nazi spy. Imagine if the Nazis were on the government payroll. Imagine if Nazis were permitted, on English soil, to incite violence against the populace. Imagine if it were a hate crime to speak ill of a Nazi. Imagine if Nazi spies were immune to detention, deportation, extradition, or prosecution.

Unimaginable, isn’t it? Yet, what’s the difference? And, short of civil war, what’s the solution? It looks as though the line of no return was crossed some time ago.

If you didn’t know better, you’d almost suppose that the liberal establishment had conspired to plot its own destruction — to let the arsonist in the front door, while double-bolting every fire exit.

Conspiracy theories are the snare of bright minds. They have just enough suggestive, tantalizing evidence to be appealing, but never enough evidence to be compelling. On the face of it, it does seem as though things are often a little too coincidental to be … well … to be coincidental.

And yet we know that such a grand conspiracy is far too large and complicated to be orchestrated and kept under wraps by human ingenuity.

But there is an explanation for this. There is, indeed, a conspiracy. A very well-kept conspiracy. So well kept that it’s even a secret to the coconspirators. They are not in on the plot.

For the mastermind is the “god of this world.” Satan is the one who, behind-the-scenes, is pulling the strings of human pride — pride in our tolerance and utopian cloud castles.

By that same token, I’m not saying that every Muslim is a terrorist. He doesn’t need to be. Inside the devil’s sleeper cell, you can be under deep cover without ever knowing so. You can do his bidding without any apprehension of the diabolical choreography. Most of the devil’s militia are unwitting draftees, conscripted in the trippy state of sin.

So the conspiracy theorist is half right and half wrong. Indeed, the conspiracy theorist is often a dupe of the devil himself — chasing after Jewish bankers and flying saucers. The devil lays just enough crumbs in his path to keep him on the scent, but never enough to lead him to the infernal hideout and hellish headquarters of the movement.

Yet if human conspiracy lies within the wider circle of a diabolical conspiracy, the diabolical conspiracy lies within the wider circle of a divine conspiracy. In the end, the devil is only God’s useful idiot.

  • Stephen Hays

Stephen Hays doubled-majored in history and classics at Seattle Pacific University and is currently both a student and teacher's assistant at Reformed Theological Seminary. He resides in Charleston, SC.

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