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My Most Excellent Theophilus

  • Marcus Rench,
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I would like to tell you about my new son, Theophilus, who illustrates a timeless truth. Early in his life, about 15 weeks into my wife’s pregnancy, we needed to monitor his condition through amniocentesis. Genetic testing was done as a matter of routine and we were surprised and shocked to learn Theo has Down Syndrome.

Our shock quickly dissipated into grief which, by God’s grace, transformed into anticipation. Theo was safely delivered at thirty-five weeks and has become a bundle of delight in our already bright home. My wife dotes over him, speaking a secret language to him; while my four daughters chirp about him excitedly. Family and friends show their unfeigned interest in him. Stumbling up to feed him nightly, I peer into his almond shaped eyes to see the image of God.

Friend, if you stand at the threshold of this situation, or one like it, I implore you to keep the baby. There may be a defect, but he is not a lesser life. If you could only see what I see; glimpse within the walls in which Theo lives and breathes; hear his sisters volley for his attention; feel his little hands and feet; then you would begin to know. Theo has opened the timeless truth of God’s Word to me in a fresh way. He has fixed flesh and blood on the words, "Do not murder." And, if you would only receive it, you would know with certainty what my most excellent Theophilus now knows — life is created by God and it is good.