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Reconstructionist Society of Florida Holds First Meeting

The meeting was attended by about 30 people representing cities throughout central and southern Florida. Moderator Andrew Sandlin emphasized the purposes of Reconstructionist societies—to apply the Reformed Faith in all spheres of life.

  • Jay Rogers,
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  • Jay Rogers

Jay Rogers is the founder of the Russian language newspaper, Predvestnik, The Forerunner. This newspaper is a publication for and by local (i.e., Ukrainian and Russian) Christian activists, pastors, and scholars. We strive to publish articles that dig deep. We have translated articles excerpted from Chalcedon Report, and excerpts from works such as Charles Hodge’s Systematic Theology.

Predvestnik is read by young Christians who are struggling to become leaders in the church and society. Our goal is to influence these young leaders, so they, in turn, will influence thousands.

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