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Rousas John Rushdoony

  • Adam Jonathan Brink,
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Remember well, good people, what the cause be of our meeting.
Out of reverence for our God, hear the suit I will be pleading.
Under Christ our Lord and Master, a wise servant for his King
Sent with word and pen anointed, law and gospel he did bring.
Avowed to Christ his liege was he, and gave biblical instruction
Sure of vict'ry over sin, worked for godly reconstruction.

Jesus Christ was First and Last in his blueprint for tomorrow,
Only by Christ's full atonement will earth see the end of sorrow.
Humanism is the foe that with God's Word we will plunder,
Never giving up our ground, we the serpent trample under.

Rejoice then, O ye righteous, have no shame in armor holy.
Unawares may come here too, but with humble minds and lowly.
Surely from this Christian master, from this father in the faith,
Having unpretentious aims, may increase and grow in grace.
Deign to open up his volumes, and bright riches you will gain;
Over hundreds of these pages, you must pour out mental pains.
Onward then, you Christian warriors, hear the cadence of your King:
Never fearing Satan's vict'ry, of God's triumph let us sing.
Yea, God's Law, pure faith and triumph sure, to his legacy we cling.

  • Adam Jonathan Brink
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