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Rushdoony’s Books Now Available In An Audio Version!

The ever-growing audio library of Chalcedon's books.

Chalcedon Editorial
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We love the printed page, and the live church service, but digital publishing continues its meteoric rise as print, video, and audio streaming pour into hundreds of millions of mobile devices.

One area that’s seen significant growth is audiobooks with nearly 70 million people now listening to their books instead of reading them. Some audiobook apps such as Audible actually allow you to do both. If you purchased their Kindle version of a book (ebook), you can then buy the audible version and the app will allow you to switch back and forth while keeping you on the same page. Even if you’ve read some of our books, the audio version can open up new insights!

Ever-Growing Audio Library!

Recording audio versions of full-length books is a significant expense for publishers with hiring professional audio services and voice talents to create the audible versions of their catalog of books. Here at Chalcedon, we’re blessed to have received access to an ever-growing library of audio versions of our books.

Thanks to the hard work of our dear friend, Jeremy Walker, at, several of Rushdoony’s books are now available on and iTunes. The books are read by Nathan Conkey.

You can visit, or iTunes and look up R. J. Rushdoony to view the current titles.

Chalcedon Editorial
  • Chalcedon Editorial
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