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Sharing Your Life: The Christian Way to Kingdom Service

During the time I was the primary teacher for my children, I received many positive and negative comments about our family’s educational choice. They ranged from the customary, “I could never do that! I just don’t have the patience,” to “How selfish it is to restrict your gifts and talents to just your own children. You should send them to school to be missionaries to other kids, and you should get credentialed as a teacher so that with your talents you could help many children and just not your own.” I always laughed at the latter criticism based on its faulty logic. This collectivist view held that by giving priority to my own family I was cheating others. By God’s grace, a sound theology allowed me to dismiss these “helpful” pieces of advice as the distractions they were.

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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