Suckling of El Shaddai

By Walter Skold
December 07, 2002

Author's Note: I wrote it as an advent gift to Jesus, and for instruction for my children about the Incarnate One! Each line is accompanied by a verse from both the Old and New Testament to show that the character, accomplishments and Divine nature of Christ are the center of biblical revelation and the Yes and Amen of all prophecies. It has 50 lines so that two lines per day, equalling 4 Scriptures, could be studied each day of Advent (for those who follow that).

"The hint half guessed, the gift half understood" — TS Eliot
The Milky Way Maker on Miriam's breastGen 1:14 181 Tim 3:16a
The worker of miracles coming to blessIs 61:1 4Acts 10:38
The Child born inside a caveIs 9:6a Luke 2:7
The Second Adam come to save1Cor 15:45-49 Luke 4:38
The Arm thrust forth from Virgin's wombIs 53:1 Matt 1:22 3
The Finger marking Satan's doomDan 5:5 6 John 12: 8
The Promised Gift who gave HimselfGen 12:3 John 3:16
The Pledge fulfilled upon His oathGen 22:16-18 Heb 6:13-17
The Light that makes the darkness blindIs 9:2 John 1:5
Eternity clothed in tents of timeMicah 5:2b John 1:14
The Prophet from the House "Le Hem"Deut 18:15-19 Matt2:4 6
The Shoot that sprung from Jesse's stemIs 11:1 Matt 1:6
The Root of David and his sonIs 53:2 Rev 5:5
The Bow whose battle will be wonZech 10:4 Matt 28:18-19
The Morning Star from ancient daysNum 24:17 Rev 22:16
The Branch who reigns in wondrous praiseIs 4:2 Eph 1:6,12
The Sower's and The Woman's SeedMark 4:3 Gen 3:15
A broken Twig for broken reedsIs 42:3 Heb 2:16-7
The Yes Amen who brings increase2 Cor 1:19-21 Is 9:7
The Prince who gives His people peaceIs 9:6b John 20:21
The Name who rides the clouds aboveIs 30:27-8 Mark 13:26
A Man whose robes were dipped in bloodIs 63:1-3 Rev 9:13
The Judge descending into jailDan 4:17, 34 Phil 2:6
The One whose Law will never failIs 42:1 Phil 2:7 8
The Sovereign King who bowed to earthMicah 4:1 3 Eph 4:8 10
A Servant born to bring new birthIs 51:4-5 Heb 6:18-19
The Ruler riding a lowly assJer 30:21 John 12:14-6
The Crown displayed with golden sashRev 1:13,15 Ps 110:1 3
Jehovah Nissi now unfurled—Is 11:10 Rev 19:16
Messiah come to rule the world!Dan 7:13-4 Mark 14:61-2
The Word announced in prophecy's penLuke 24:25-7 2 Peter 1:19-21
The Glory marred by violent menHaggai 2:7 Matt 27:27-31
The Righteous One becoming sinJer 23:5-6 2 Cor 5:2
The Fountain cleansing deep withinZech 13:1 Titus 3:5-7
The Humbled One exalted highIs 52:13 Phil 2:9
The Seat of Mercy opened wideLev 16:1-2 Heb 4:14-16
The Temple washing worshiper's feetZech 6:12-13John 13:4-10
The Priest who took the victim's seatPs 110:4 Heb 9:24-5
The Builder nailed inside His homeZech 12:10 John 1:10-11
The Jew who breaks the bonds of RomeDan 2:44 Col 2:15
The Shepherd led to slaughter's hallIs 53:7 John 10:11
The Son of Man whose silence callsJohn 12:34 Matt 27:14
The Doctor spreading wounds of healthIs 53:4 Matt 8:16-7
The Pearl whose worth is greatest wealthProv 8:10-1 Matt 13:46
The Husband longing for His brideIs 54:5 Rev 21:2-3?
A Bridegroom pierced upon His sidePs 22:16 John 19:3-4
The Voice of Him who lost his breathPs 29:3-10 Luke 23:46
The Bread of Life who tasted deathJohn 6:35 Is 53:8/Heb 2:9
The Lion slain before the worldGen 49:9-10 Rev 13:8
The Lamb upon the crib revealed:Gen 22:7-14 John 1:29
The Great I AM, who is and was,Ex 3:14 Rev 1:8
The First and Last, the great Because.Is 48:12-3 Rev 22:13

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