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Super Christian

  • Julie Austin,
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Love, love, gushy love....warm fuzzy love, love, love. Does that describe the Christian life? It seems to in many churches today. The young adults running the activities want nothing to do with discipline or scriptural imperitives. If it infringes on their cheap-grace freedoms, then they yell "foul". I've seen older people gently try to guide a younger person toward Biblical living, only to be shunned and gossiped about for being "legalistic". A person who actually lives their Biblically based convictions is branded as "intimidating".

Hmmm, the older I get the more I realize I do not know... and I need to study all the more! When thinking of the way the young adults treat their elders today a song came to mind....Super Chicken. Yes, the theme song from the cartoon of yesteryear. I changed the words a bit, but sing it to the tune if you are from that era, and add your own chicken noises.

Now sing along:

When you feel under conviction...
an elder points out your transgression
and you think that you will take a lick'n
Label the elder legalistic
Feel superior and ignore the scripture
and call out "I'm Super Christian"....Call out "I'm super Christian!"

It is sad to see that the "know it all" generation in their 20s and early 30s are now raising a generation of self-claimed perfect people....based on what? I do not know....yet in their own minds that is the way they appear to view it. This generation seems to believe their children can do no wrong, and they themselves know more then anyone else in all areas of life. The Bible is used if it can push their point...out of context usually, but they shun instruction, guidance and especially anything that resembles correction. No wonder there are so many bazaar "ministries" in many of the churches today. No wonder our elders have felt unimportant and disrespected. It reminds me of the old bumper sticker from the 60's & 70's which read:"Question Authority!"

Of course, there are beautiful exceptions to the rule. Those who will seek out the wise guidance of those who have learned through the years. To those younger people who show respect for their elders as the Bible instructs, I applaud you. There is a reason that the older men and women are instructed to teach the younger in the Bible. The more years you have lived, the more experience you have gained and, if you are living for the glory of God, the more wisdom you have to share. Humility is Christ-like. There is a lot said about pride in scripture....but then you probably already knew that.

Sometimes I yearn for an older godly women to say, "Hey, stop that! Put the donut down and back away slowly. Get back on task for the glory of God!" But instead, I hear, "Oh honey, we all do that...kick your shoes off and let your hair down....don't raise the bar for the rest of us."

Where have all the Titus 2 women gone? Will you be one?