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Talk About Turning a Blind Eye, Part 2

  • Tristan A. Emmanuel,
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The god of Islam is not the same GodIt's a different god, and I believe it is very evil and wicked religion.

These are the words of a very courageous man; a man not at all concerned to be politically correct, sentimental, and who obviously doesn't pander to his dad. These are the words of Franklin Graham, Son of Billy Graham; say what you want about his theology, he's got this one right.

So what, you're saying. Who hasn't figured that one out? True, Graham hasn't said anything profound. I'm quite certain that any Christian home-school student could have said as much. But remember, in the broad scope of modern Christendom, his statement is about as controversial as they come.

Graham, unlike his father, is one of the few notable Christians who got it right and stated it publicly. The sad fact is that most notable Christians are either extremely naïve about Islam, or intentionally ignorant and it comes out in their public statements.

Take the President. He is touted as a dedicated evangelical, a man who takes every opportunity to pray for his country, who reads his bible with dedication; he's the same guy who's taken every opportunity to remind the world that Islam is as peaceful as Christianity. But he's a politician. Of course, how could I forget?

But what about the Pope? In his address twelve days after the 9/11 attack, Pope John Paul declared to an audience of mostly Kazakhastanian Muslims, There is one God. The Apostle proclaims before all else the absolute oneness of God. This is a truth which Christians inherited from the children of Israel and which they share with Muslims: it is faith in the one God, Lord of heaven and earth, almighty and merciful.

Wow! Not only does the pontiff pontificate away the genius of the Shema of Israel: Hear O Israel the Lord your God, the Lord is one. But he credits the Apostle (which one he doesn't say) for proclaiming BEFORE ALL ELSE the essential unity we have with infidel Muslims.

The Pope's syncretism shouldn't surprise anyone. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches: The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day.

Thank God for the Reformation!

But lest we Protestants gloat too much, we've got our charlatans. Robert Schuller, a minister of the Reformed Church of America, and Hour of Power preacher extraordinaire, addressing a crowd of Muslims at an Islamic Convention in 1999, took time out from his negative-free ministry to positively reinforce damning heresies.

Proclaiming the gospel of common ground he declared that there really is no need to turn to Christ since we're pretty much the same. In fact, his speech was more of a confession than anything else, acknowledging that years of ignorance have finally evaporated after he learned that Christians and Muslims believe in and submittedto the same God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and ISHMAEL!

Then Schuller emoted about our common reverence for Jesus, and praised the Quran for Christ's impressive statistical standing in it, stating that the name of Jesus is mentioned 93 timesand refers to him as the word of God, servant of God, the messiah, the righteous one, and as nearest to God.

Obviously these blasphemies are the words of theological deviants. However, we Calvinists haven't always faced up to the facts either. I recently came across a few articles written from a theonomic bent that seem to give receptive ear to Islam. Of course, the characteristic criticisms and caveats where there to be sure, but as a whole the analysis was mundane.

At root was the issue of Shari'a Law. One of the authors cautioned against excessive criticism of Islam stating, we share a common concern for God's Law.

Common concern?

How's this for common? Mu'az Muhammad Dadi, wrote a piece for the Nigerian Abuja Mirror, in which he harmonized Shari'a Law with Biblical Law and surprisingly finds much in common.

For example, in cases such as theft Dadi finds that the Bible, as well as the Quran demands amputation. He sights Mark 19:43 (wherein Christ, in hyperbolic fashion says, that if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. Dadi inserts the word steal in place of sin and conveniently leaves off the next phrase dealing with plucking out the eye. Using his logic one would have to presume that simply looking at a woman is a capitol offence. Perhaps this explains their extreme dress code?), as a proof text for this judicial procedure.

He also finds affinity with issues like alcohol prohibition, sexual segregation, dietary laws, and one area that particularly concern him the growth of facial hair. The Bible commands that men grow beards, says Dadi, and Muslims wonder why Christians portray Jesus with a long beard, but refuse to grow and keep one themselves?

Common ground?

Hardly. Shari'a Law is about as perverted as any one of the scribal traditions Christ so vehemently opposed. No, let me clarify, it's worse. Its a different law with a different god; and I believe it is very evil and wicked religion.

  • Tristan A. Emmanuel
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