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The Real Crisis of Our Times is Spiritual: The Decline of Faith and Character.

“Today the impotence and confusion of humanism is marked...wallowing in failure all over the world, in failure, but not in defeat, because there is no consistent Christian force to challenge and overthrow it.” ~ R. J. Rushdoony

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In Japan, President Obama called for a “moral revolution” saying that, “Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us.” He overlooks an important theological point…

Man’s Sin Nature Does Not Evolve

The world is at the apex of technological advancement yet it seems that humanity only grows more deplorable and sinful. This is because fallen man cannot evolve morally, and all attempts at his “human betterment” result in failure.

What good we still have is what’s left of the spiritual capital of Christianity, but as that declines, so will our culture decline—unless we work to restore it.

Without the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring men from darkness to light, we cannot begin to change our world. However, without teaching Christians to think Biblically, and to apply their faith, we’ll end up with nothing more than a mass of humanistic Christians. Therefore, if we have any obligation, it is that of restoring spiritual capital.

Promoting Spiritual Capital

R. J. Rushdoony once wrote, “It is my purpose to promote the basic capitalization of society, out of which all else flows, spiritual capital. Without the spiritual capital of a God-centered and Biblical faith, we are spiritually and materially bankrupt.”

The Chalcedon Foundation continues with the same mission and purpose of promoting and teaching a God-centered and Biblical faith in order to recapitalize for a godly society.

One way Chalcedon is doing this is through a mentoring program, “The Institutes of Biblical Law Bible Study for Women,” taught by Chalcedon’s Andrea Schwartz. This vital area of ministry is central to strengthening the family by equipping women to be godly wives, mothers, and teachers, and is an effective means to increasing spiritual capital. If you’re interested in this women’s study group, you can write Andrea at [email protected].

Why Chalcedon Is Relevant

Christian Reconstruction grew because in it Christians found a solution to the crises of our times. The ongoing relevance of Chalcedon is that this ministry promotes both faith and action, and we need that now more than ever.

Humanism is waning, but it is not defeated, and it is not defeated because there is not a strong Christian force to overthrow it culturally. We cannot create that Christian force without a relentless commitment to Christian education, and since 1965, no other Christian ministry has been more committed to this calling than the Chalcedon Foundation.

Humanism Provides Us an Opportunity

The failure of humanism is our door of opportunity and taking advantage of it depends upon the commitment and investment of dedicated, knowledgeable Christians like you. Chalcedon has never been supported by institutions, denominations, or the state. Chalcedon remains only because of the regular financial gifts of its dedicated supporters.

This makes you vital to the mission of Christian education because you have to power to underwrite the work of Chalcedon by your regular, tax-deductible support. We cannot escape the plain truth that we cannot restore spiritual capital without financing Christian education.

The Power of a Chalcedon Underwriter

Would you consider becoming a Chalcedon Underwriter today? Not only will you experience the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting a ministry that represents your deepest beliefs, but you’ll receive numerous benefits including free subscriptions, significant discounts, and an opportunity to participate in our new Men’s Round Table Discussion— a live, ongoing, weekly meeting where the treasures of Rushdoony’s lectures, and the application of God’s Word, are hammered out in a way that will better equip you for Christian action.

Becoming a Chalcedon Underwriter is easy. Just visit If you’d like to learn more about how you can participlate in the Round Table Discussion, please email [email protected].