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Wanted UnExceptional People

Interested In Volunteer Opportunities Helping With Some of Chalcedon's Ongoing Projects? email: [email protected].

Andrea Schwartz
  • Andrea Schwartz,
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If you want something done, ask a busy person. Why is this true? Simply, because busy people are busy because they are getting things done and there's always plenty to do and others have asked them to do things that they are busy doing and thus can probably do the thing you want them to do, too. Right?

Exhausted yet? So are many dedicated people involved with Christian Reconstruction. In fact, they are as exhausted from the things they are doing as from the things they know need doing and don't have time to do themselves.

Please don't make the statement, "I'm not exceptional like they are. I couldn't do the things they do!" Wrong!!! Most are not exceptional people at all; they are unexceptional people who have received God's grace by doing the practical things He has laid before them to do. "But, God hasn't told me to do these things like He's told them!" Really? Could it be they read the same Bible you do and have taken the Lord's directives more personally than you have?

This is not a guilt trip. This is an invitation to those who would like to assist Chalcedon in the many tasks God has laid before it. We are looking for, and need, unexceptional people (like we are) who see a need and are eager to fill it. The pay? Treasures in heaven and increased fellowship here on earth as you work with a team that is dedicated to bringing all areas of life and thought under the dominion of Jesus Christ.

This invitation is not a request for project ideas or avenues Chalcedon should pursue as an organization. It is an invitation to work sometimes at very unexciting work. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can get involved, as a volunteer with some of our ongoing projects, email: [email protected].

Who knows? You may end up being one of those exceptional people that others marvel at!

Andrea Schwartz
  • Andrea Schwartz

Andrea carries out a number of administrative duties at Chalcedon, putting much attention on promoting Chalcedon through social media and conferences. A main focus includes her direction of the Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute ( -- online classes in Biblical law for women. She began working for Chalcedon as a volunteer in 1987 and has been on staff since 1992.

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