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2. Remembering Rush with Rebecca Rouse

Andrea G. Schwartz
Rebecca Rushdoony Rouse
  • Andrea G. Schwartz ,
  • Rebecca Rushdoony Rouse
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Rebecca Rouse, Rushdoony's eldest daughter, vividly describes the events in the lives of her grandparents that shaped her father's life and the life of many.  This is an important history of God's faithfulness in the midst of persecution

Rebecca Rushdoony Rouse
  • Rebecca Rushdoony Rouse

Rebecca, eldest daughter of R.J. Rushdoony, has worked for Chalcedon since the summer of 1994. She is the mother of four children (a son and three daughers), two of which also work at Chalcedon. She is the author of a family biography, Born with a Purpose, about her father and paternal grandparents.  She is also a grandmother and great-grandmother.

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