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Suicidal Humanism - The Chalcedon Podcast - Ep. 38

Humanistic elites believed societal improvements would decrease religion’s influence, and they envisioned a scientific state governing all life aspects. However, this idealism led to societal and moral degradation. Despite humanism’s pitfalls, a resurgence in Biblical Christianity, through Christian education and adherence to God’s law, is emerging.

Mark R. Rushdoony
Martin G. Selbrede
Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Mark R. Rushdoony ,
  • Martin G. Selbrede ,
  • Andrea G. Schwartz
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Humanistic thinkers like Freud and Bertrand Russell believed that the decline of religion would follow the solving of societal ills while diminishing any sense of guilt. In this sense, they wanted to build a society free from religion, which would only mean that it would be reconstructed by the religion of man.

To achieve this would require rule by a scientific state acting as God and regulating every area of life and thought.

As we can now see, this idealism took a nose dive as society eroded, especially along moral lines, and confusion and destruction are sapping the hope of the next generation. In this sense, humanism is suicidal, but a great return to Biblical Christianity is underway as a new governing class is developing through Christian education and a return to God’s law.

Hosted by Mark Rushdoony, Martin Selbrede, and Andrea Schwartz

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Mark R. Rushdoony
  • Mark R. Rushdoony

Mark R. Rushdoony graduated from Los Angeles Baptist College (now The Master’s College) with a B.A. in history in 1975 and was ordained to the ministry in 1995.

He taught junior and senior high classes in history, Bible, civics and economics at a Christian school in Virginia for three years before joining the staff of Chalcedon in 1978. He was the Director of Chalcedon Christian School for 14 years while teaching full time. He also helped tutor all of his children through high school.

In 1998, he became the President of Chalcedon and Ross House Books, and, more recently another publishing arm, Storehouse Press. Chalcedon and its subsidiaries publish many titles plus CDs, mp3s, and an extensive online archive at His biography of his father will be published later this year (2024).

He has written scores of articles for Chalcedon’s publications, both the Chalcedon Report and Faith for all of Life. He was a contributing author to The Great Christian Revolution (1991). He has spoken at numerous conferences and churches in the U.S. and abroad.

Mark Rushdoony has lived in Vallecito, California, since 1978.  His wife, Darlene, and he have been married since 1976. His youngest son still resides with him. He has three married children and nine grandchildren.

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Martin G. Selbrede
  • Martin G. Selbrede

Martin is the senior researcher for Chalcedon’s ongoing work of Christian scholarship, along with being the senior editor for Chalcedon’s publications, Arise & Build and The Chalcedon Report. He is considered a foremost expert in the thinking of R.J. Rushdoony. A sought-after speaker, Martin travels extensively and lectures on behalf of Christian Reconstruction and the Chalcedon Foundation. He is also an accomplished musician and composer.

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