The Two Jerusalem's and the Inheritance

By R. J. Rushdoony
February 08, 2018

Paul in speaking about the Jerusalem from above was not saying anything new to the Bible; over and over again we find this, the contrast between the two Jerusalem’s, the prophets tell us, our Lord tells us that the Jerusalem that was there in Judea was full of deceit, of violence, of injustice, of murder; and of hostility to the Lord of glory. But there was another Jerusalem, Zion, the city of our God, and it is spoken of for example in Psalm 87, where the Psalmist sees the people going through the gates from Philistia, from Egypt, from Tyr, and from elsewhere, and he says of them: “These people are not Judeans, but they were born there.” Where? In Zion the city of our God.