JCR Vol. 08 No. 01: Symposium on Social Action

Social action: the words send shivers of suspicion down the spines of millions of American fundamentalists.

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Topics: American History, Christian Reconstruction, Culture , Dominion, Education

Kerby Anderson

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David Chilton

David Chilton is a noted Reconstructionist speaker and author.

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Edward Coleson

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Ricky Cotton

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Vern Crisler

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Michael Gilstrap

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Archie P. Jones

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George M. Marsden

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Gary North

Dr. Gary North (1942-2022), served as the editor of the Journal of Christian Reconstruction from 1974-81. He is the noted author of scores of articles and over thirty books on economics and history. He served as editor for and The Tea Party Economist and was the Director of Curriculum Development for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

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James M. Peters

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Tommy W. Rogers

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Tom Rose

Tom is a retired professor of economics, Grove City College, Pennsylvania. He is author of seven books and hundreds of articles dealing with economic and political issues. His articles have regularly appeared in The Christian Statesman, published by the National Reform Association, Pittsburgh, PA, and in many other publications. He and his wife, Ruth, raise registered Barzona cattle on a farm near Mercer, PA, where they also write and publish economic textbooks for use by Christian colleges, high schools, and home educators. Rose’s latest books are: Free Enterprise Economics in America and God, Gold and Civil Government.

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John Whitehead

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