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Q & A with Martin Selbrede #33 (May 6, 2018)

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Martin G. Selbrede
  • Martin G. Selbrede,
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00:01:28 - 00:09:32 - Christians defending the right position with the wrong Scriptures or arguments.

00:09:53 - 00:14:35 - Did Adam’s sin in the garden of Eden make the world incapable to tolerating a “god man?” Did Yahweh depend upon the brokenness of the world enough to be certain that they would come to loathe His Son and thus make a sacrifice of Him? Would it be fair to say salvation would not be accomplished if man were not wicked enough to kill their savior? Is this total depravity, what is needed to need a savior?

00:14:37 - 00:20:52 - Knowing that our understanding of Scripture should grow as we are sanctified, how do we approach teaching our children when we may be transmitting to them a faulty theological understanding?

00:20:52 - 00:24:30 - How should a Christian approach the concept of competition?

00:24:30 - 00:27:44 - Should respect be expected or earned since it is not something that can be coerced?

00:27:50 - 00:31:43 - What should be the standard in agreeing to disagree?

00:31:48 - 00:36:08 - Did Rushdoony cover “common grace” in any of his writings?

00:36:11 - 00:38:13 - However, is it just me, or is letting bad referee calls to stand humanistic? I've heard politically conservative Christians justify letting a bad sports call stand because it keeps keeps a “human” element. Sounds like human-ISM to me.

00:38:15 - 00:45:46 - Does Holocaust denial/anti-Semitism disqualify an elder?

00:45:50 - 00:46:49 - Isn’t anti-semitism more of a known than “holocaust denier”?

00:46:45 - 00:48:21 - One problem is that the WWII holocaust is the only people are allowed to be concerned about. No one seems nearly as upset about the Armenian holocaust that took place decades earlier.

00:49:03 - 00:49:30 - The intensity of Gary North’s “Dominion & Common Grace.”

00:49:45 - 00:51:16 - Interesting how when parents suppress Biblical discernment (insisting that unbiblical traditions be obeyed), the kids often push back by apostasizing!

00:51:16 - 00:56:41 - Is it also fair to say that those who tend to minimize confederate institutionalized slavery, etc. (while ignoring how there was no judicial restraints against masters, etc.) are also “peas in a pod” with racists?

00:58:27 - 01:01:03 - Concerning David’s many wives. I struggle with this at times, how can a man after God’ s own heart be so obsessed with women? Wouldn’t we view a modern day leader with this fault as a man not to be respected in the Christian community?

Martin G. Selbrede
  • Martin G. Selbrede

Martin is the senior researcher for Chalcedon’s ongoing work of Christian scholarship, along with being the senior editor for Chalcedon’s publications, Arise & Build and The Chalcedon Report. He is considered a foremost expert in the thinking of R.J. Rushdoony. A sought-after speaker, Martin travels extensively and lectures on behalf of Christian Reconstruction and the Chalcedon Foundation. He is also an accomplished musician and composer.

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