Fully God, Fully Man
December 2003

The Annunciation Luke 1:26-38

By R. J. Rushdoony

It is difficult to approach the story of our Lord's virgin birth without a sense of holy awe. It is one of the most moving and inspiring of all stories.

The Immanent or the Incarnate?

By Mark R. Rushdoony

When I tell people that the name of our foundation is Chalcedon , many ask what that name means.

The Judge Yields to the Mailman

By Greg Uttinger

As postmen pile bag after bag before a befuddled judge, the defense attorney bellows, The U.S. Post Office, an official arm of the United States Government , recognizes Kris Kringle as the one, the only Santa Claus.

The Meaning of Christmas

By Samuel L. Blumenfeld

When a whole nation, as secular as it is, is caught up in this most religious holiday, we must be impressed that what the world is celebrating with lights, music, feasting, and gift-giving is not the birth of Buddha or Muhammad, but the birth of Jesus Christ.

By Rick Williams

Men's courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, must lead, but if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. ~ Ebeneezer Scrooge

By Warren Kelley

The buzzword we hear popping up in almost any discussion on a moral issue today is tolerance. We should be tolerant of other people's beliefs. We shouldn't judge other people's lifestyles, we should be more tolerant.

By Tom Rose

The attracting power of right ideas never ceases to amaze me! I recall with fondness how a student approached me after a particularly stimulating class discussion.

By Roger Schultz

On November 1, 1755 , a killer earthquake destroyed Lisbon, Portugal. The quake was a monster one of the worst in history. Some 60,000 people died, and, according to estimates, the earthquake would have registered a whopping 7.85 on the Richter scale.

By Timothy D. Terrell

One of the most valued books on my shelf is a compilation of hundreds of R.J. Rushdoony's essays, under the title Roots of Reconstruction . One of the many gems in that book is a five-page article from 1971 on the fallacy of simplicity.

By Lee Duigon

Behind today's push for homosexual marriage lies a detailed plan to deconstruct American society from top to bottom abolishing marriage, the family, and the Judeo-Christian basis of our civilization.

By Michael Wagner

The human mind is cunning, and so bad ideas continue to appeal to God-rejecting men. Indeed, these bad ideas can be dressed-up in nice terminology so that the most virulent forms of tyranny are advanced under the banner of freedom and liberation.

By Timothy D. Terrell

Christian responses to modern environmentalism vary from dismissive, joking comments about tree-huggers to the attempt to absorb modern environmentalism into Christian ethics. While those who are claiming Biblical support for modern environmentalism may have the best of intentions, there are some serious problems.