In Catholicity and Christianization
January 2001

Though He Slay Me

By R. J. Rushdoony

One of the greatest lessons of my life was to recognize the absolute priority of God and His law and His Word, which is what Calvinism is about. I never doubted the Bible, but, as a child, the Lord was there like my parents for me to love and obey and for them to help me.

A Conflict of Catholicities

By P. Andrew Sandlin

One of the dominant teachings of the New Testament is the universalization of God's plan of redemption. As a result of Jesus Christ's great work of redemption, God expanded His covenant purposes from the Jewish nation to include all the peoples of the earth. This is just what the Old Testament predicted.

The 'Two-Kingdom' Lutheran Calvinism

By P. Andrew Sandlin

Modern Reformation's September/October 2000 article by Michael Horton, "Defining the Two Kingdoms: One of Luther's and Calvin's Great Discoveries," both signals the dramatic inroads of retreatist Lutheran amillennialism into the Reformed camp and publicizes the increasing neo-Calvinistic abandonment of Biblical law.

Fruit Through Perseverance

By Douglas Layton

After the Gulf War, the Kurds of Northern Iraq were offered protection from Saddam Hussein by the American government. Saddam, a Muslim, murdered hundreds of thousands of Kurds and gassed their villages while the Islamic world stood by and watched. America, which is perceived as a Christian nation, stopped the genocide.

By Craig R. Dumont, Sr.

You've probably heard that according to the U.S. Justice Department (along with Bob Dole, Robert Bork and half of Congress, including Democrats and Republicans) that Bill Gates is the most dangerous individual in America and that Microsoft Corporation the most dangerous company threatening the future of all Americans.

By Val Finnell, M. D.

This article will demonstrate the necessity of an explicitly Christian view of medicine by examining the field in light of its presuppositions and characteristics as a profession. The creedal, ministerial, and non-neutral aspects of medicine will be briefly examined, followed by suggestions for bringing this field under the authority and dominion of Christ.

By Brian Schwertley

There are some important applications of Deuteronomy 6:7ff. that need to be considered. The first application regards the question of public or state schools.

By Kevin L. Clauson, M.A., J.D.

Christ College is a relatively new and unique institution in Christian higher education. Founded in 1990, the college emphasizes a Biblical worldview within a framework of the historic Protestant Reformation.

By Zachariah Rousas Wagner

The first annual West-Coast Christian Worldview Conference (WCWC) went off with a bang. It was definitely a harbinger of bigger and better events to come. Rev. P. Andrew Sandlin and Rev. Monte Wilson, III delivered awesome and inspirational speeches to a group of committed young people.

By Steve M. Schlissel

Following Van Til, we have sought repeatedly to make this point: he who defines wins. The fundamental question (emphasis on the, the definite article) is this: Who has the original and ultimate right to define?