The Painful Years
July-August 2016

Rousas John Rushdoony: A Brief History, Part IV The “Painful Years”

By Mark R. Rushdoony

When my siblings and I sat down with my father to record some oral family history, when the narrative approached the nine years my father was in Santa Cruz, he said, “Those were painful years for me; I’d rather not talk about them.”

Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore in the Eye of the Storm (15)

By Martin G. Selbrede

​This brief update is the fifteenth in a series of articles about addiction treatment pioneer Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore and his ongoing battle with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which shut his fifty-two clinics in late 2011, dramatically increasing the state’s death toll due to opioid addiction.

The Gatekeepers of the Culture

By Andrea G. Schwartz

​The breakdown of the family is a well-documented reality. But pundits, candidates, politicians, preachers, and educators alike continue to turn to statist solutions to the social ills of our day, failing to recognize that they result from a failure to abide by God’s architecture for society.

Film Review of The Young Messiah (2016)

By Lee Duigon

There’s one thing "Bible movies" have in common, even the best of them. They all include material that’s not in the Bible, an element of fiction.

By R. J. Rushdoony

The cities of refuge were religious centers in that they were to be governed by God’s law in dealing with refugees.

By Chalcedon

For a few decades, Christian Reconstructionists have had a certain luxury to spend their time “debating” theological truths, but the time is now to increase our implementation of godly dominion...