The Statist Agenda
November/December 2005


By R. J. Rushdoony

It is a significant fact that Karl Marx championed equalitarianism while being an elitist. The two go together.

The Critical Patriot

By Mark R. Rushdoony

To be a Christian patriot in fact requires us to be critical of acts done by the United States that are illegal in terms of the Constitution or unjust or immoral in terms of the higher law of God. A Christian patriot is one who is faithful to his country in terms of a prior faithfulness to God. Christians ought to be both the most vocal supporters of the ideals that made America great and the most outspoken critics of its failures.

The Christian and Conspiracy Theory

By Christopher J. Ortiz

Conspiracy provides the back-story to Biblical history. Out of the serenity of the Garden a cosmic battle ensues between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent (Gen. 3:15); and this conflict continues throughout the Biblical narrative at an unabated pace. It’s a saga that is paramount to understanding our present time, and recognizing it is crucial to provoking indifferent Christians to embrace their Kingdom responsibilities.

The Death of the New World - Order it Now Official

By Larry Abraham

To the surprise of many and the protestations of others, I have been saying for some time that the New World Order Gary Allen and I wrote about in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and I concluded in the sequel Call It Conspiracy, was dead. The official obituary was written by the French and Dutch voters on May 29th and June 1st of 2005. Thank God!

By Gary North

In 1965, R. J. Rushdoony moved his family from Palo Alto, California, to the San Fernando Valley. He had been working for two years on a research grant from the Center for American Studies, which was in the process of being dissolved.

By Martin G. Selbrede

What two things would indicate that Christian Reconstruction has been successful? First, that Christians tithe all the tithes commanded in the Bible: the Levitical tithe, the poor tithe, and the rejoicing tithe, and that the tithe is applied as commanded in Scripture, with only a tithe of the tithe directed to institutional worship, but 90% of the tithe directed to Levitical functions (in particular, education of children).

By Timothy D. Terrell

Although oil, medical care, and a few other goods and services have become significantly more expensive in recent years, it has been quite some time since severe inflation has afflicted Americans.

By Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Hurricane Katrina will go down in history as not only the most ferocious and destructive natural disaster to hit America, but also for what it revealed about our social underbelly.

By Tom Rose

It appears that our police forces in America are changing and that we are developing into a Police State/Surveillance Society. What is the traditional model for police forces in America? Are they in the process of being militarized? If so, for what reason? How can we reconstruct the American concept of police?

By Rick Williams

“I’m for letting the South form its own Nation . . . I think they ought to have their own Confederacy.” Who said that? Robert E. Lee? Jefferson Davis? George Wallace?

By Roger Schultz

In 1521 Martin Luther appeared before Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms to answer for his teachings. Already excommunicated by the pope and now facing sanctions from the emperor, Luther was ordered to recant.