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The Death of the New World - Order it Now Official

To the surprise of many and the protestations of others, I have been saying for some time that the New World Order Gary Allen and I wrote about in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and I concluded in the sequel Call It Conspiracy, was dead. The official obituary was written by the French and Dutch voters on May 29th and June 1st of 2005. Thank God!

  • Larry Abraham,
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To the surprise of many and the protestations of others, I have been saying for some time that the New World Order Gary Allen and I wrote about in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and I concluded in the sequel Call It Conspiracy, was dead. The official obituary was written by the French and Dutch voters on May 29th and June 1st of 2005. Thank God!

Just about the time I start to have doubts in the whole process of democratic elections, somewhere, some bodies renew my faith in the Jeffersonian optimism of “trusting the people.” These developments are huge, and as usual the American media have in large part missed the story. They were so preoccupied with the “Deep Throat” revelations and the opportunity to kick Nixon “one more time” along with the hope of comparing him to George Bush, they could have cared less what happened in Europe. It doesn’t help their enthusiasm for the story when any thoughtful conclusion leads to even more validation of the US as the only world super power. There is no nation of Europe to carry out the Chirac wish of “challenging the US” for international leadership. Someone had better check the bars on the windows of the New York Times; we wouldn’t want any bodies strewn on the sidewalks of Times Square. On second thought, “Never mind.”

The Plan

The dream which died this week has been in the making since the Paris Peace Conference following WWI and gained heavy momentum at the conclusion of WWII. The original architects are now dead, i.e., Jean Monnet, John J. McCloy, Robert Schumann, and Col. Edward Mandel House, but their heir apparent, David Rockefeller, has lived long enough to witness the destruction of the Twin Towers, his NWO financial center, and the votes in France and the Netherlands. So far as I can tell, not one reporter knew enough about the background to even contact him for an interview about his Trilateral failed dreams.

The United States of Europe was to be a cornerstone in the New World Order (NWO) as was Japan in the Far East, completing the hand of their Trilateral World. The US was the anchor, of course. But not anymore.

Even before the “no” votes in France and Holland, the NWO faced the unexpected jokers in their stacked card deck of radical Islam and the New China, neither of which had been dealt into their original game plan, but with these referenda it is an unquestioned “bust out.” After trillions of dollars spent and countless millions of hours in planning, the game is over. Gone! Kaput!

The ironies of this development would fill a library of tomes, none of which are likely to be written accurately. But I must admit, when Gary and I wrote our first book in 1972, and I did the sequel in 1985, I never dreamed things would turn out as they have. But I shouldn’t feel too bad, neither did the Wise Men, as they liked to call themselves, and they sure had more invested than I did.

The UN … What Next?

Their “last best hope,” the UN, is now exposed for what it has always been, a whore house on the East River, while the troops of the Peacekeeping Force rape, pillage, and plunder. It won’t be long before the bureaucrats in the Kofi Annan-presided-over-tower start carting off the furniture, office machines, and paper clips. The liberals in the Senate will probably still be filibustering, if John Bolton is “sensitive” enough to help “reform” that object of their affection before an al Qaeda homicide bomber blasts it into smithereens.

The Euro … What Now?

With the collapse of Eurolandia, or should I say the “false start,” a whole host of new conditions arise and questions emerge not the least of which is, “What happens to the currency without a country”? It was but a few short weeks ago that many were saying how the euro was a forgone conclusion to replace the dollar as the major reserve currency and the denominator for the price of oil. Whoops! Even the Swiss had plans afoot to replace their franc with the euro. The insiders of the NWO felt they were being ever so clever by putting the new currency in place before they moved against the sovereignty of the nation states, believing that people’s loyalty would “follow the money.” Maggie Thatcher told them it wouldn’t work when she gave her now famous speech at Bruges, Belgium, which led to her being “overthrown” by her own party. Take a bow, Mrs. Thatcher, you deserve it.

From the Urals to the North Atlantic, politicians are now checking their hole cards, trying desperately to figure out how to play the next hand (I have been watching too much poker on TV lately; I just can’t seem to shake the poker analogy). On June 3rd, Italy’s Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni said in an interview to Repubblica Daily, “The country should hold a referendum to decide whether to return to the lira.” Maroni cited Britain as a virtuous example of a country whose economy “grows and develops, maintaining control over its currency.” This is highly significant coming from a leading minister in the third largest economy in Europe. It is just the start, as others will follow in their skepticism. All over the Euro-states, people will turn against the leaders who promised them the “pie in the sky” if they would vote to join in the Super-State. The current trickle will soon become a flood of resentment as the French, German, Belgium, Spanish, along with the other western European economies, continue to flounder and get worse. The jealousies, resentments, and outright prejudices, which had been ignored and given more cosmetics than a Gloria Swanson close-up, showed themselves in the French voters who worried about the “Polish plumbers” taking away jobs and the “invasion of the Turks.” The eastern European countries previously lined up to join the EU are saying to themselves about now, “Ah … thanks but no thanks, don’t call us we’ll call you.”

The Politician’s Dilemma

The Eurocrats, led by Chirac, are insisting they will “try again” at some later time to seek voter approval for the 400-page constitution, but that presumes a couple of things: one of which is that somewhere, someone in Europe will read it, and two, they will like what they read. I think neither will happen anytime soon. What will be read are the “help wanted” ads of the European newspapers by the Brussels bureaucrats as they get ready to vacate the premises and try to find honest work. And speaking of “work,” that too seems to be a big problem for people who are used to a 35-hour work week trying to compete against the Indians and Chinese who log that many hours in three days.

One of the immediate effects of the vote is Jacques Chirac’s and Gerhard Schroeder’s worst nightmare has become a self-inflicted wound. While they were saying to Eastern Europe, “Shut up and do as you are told,” Mr. Bush was touring Latvia, the Ukraine, and Georgia saying, “Come join our model; we are with you every step of the way.” George W. has made it very clear that he sees our natural allies in the former communist countries and not in the socialist-infected, culture-destroying, limp wrists of Paris and Berlin. Adding insult to injury, whom does Chirac appoint as Prime Minister the day after the vote? None other than Dominique de Villepin, the Napoleonic fantasy-monger, who is dedicated to creating a French-controlled Europe and who prided himself in shafting Colin Powell at the UN before the Iraq invasion by leaking forged documents suggesting Niger had sold yellow cake uranium to Saddam. If you were a European from virtually anywhere over there, that worried about the future and especially about Islamic terrorism, whom would you trust … George W. Bush or the Paris, Berlin, and Brussels elites? The US influence, primarily through NATO, which the French abandoned years ago, will grow like tulips in the Netherlands.

The next move will be to relocate the US military bases out of Germany and put them down in the more friendly environs of Eastern Europe or bring them home completely. Either way, the geopolitical balance shifts away from the Euro-rats. Old Europe is rapidly becoming what Gertrude Stein once said about Oakland, “There is no there, there.” And now the whole world sees it.

The New World Order is dead, long live Freedom!

  • Larry Abraham


In 1971, Larry Abraham co-authored the groundbreaking bestseller, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, selling over five million copies, which became a lightening rod for the resurgence of the Conservative Movement in America. Overnight, Mr. Abraham became a nationally known speaker and leader for the conservative revolution that was taking shape in this country. In 1985, he published his powerful and best-selling sequel, Call It Conspiracy.

He is the former publisher of Conservative Digest Magazine and continues to serve as the Editor and Chief writer of Larry Abraham’s Insider Report, in continuous publication for twenty-three years. Insider Report has subscribers in all fifty states and over 49 foreign countries and is one of the most respected and quoted newsletters in the industry.

He is a founding member of the National Committee for Monetary Reform, a past member of The Council for National Policy and the International Policy Forum.


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