Looking For A Few Good Men

By Linda Hoffman
December 01, 2001

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth; the generation of the upright will be blessed. — Psalm 112:1-2

From Mister Rogers to Rambo, the media displays a disgusting picture of what our culture believes a man to be. Even disguised as a purple dinosaur, our children are being filled with ideas of what a true man is. What would my sons and daughters be led to believe about men if they sat and watched TV all day? From the feminine men on the children’s programs in the morning to the homosexual men on evening TV, I have yet to see a man who deserves the least bit of respect.

Sometimes I have actually been unable to notice the men on television, or even in the grocery store, or at the next table over at a restaurant. As the whining and belittling women sit beside them complaining and nagging, it’s easy to miss them. It seems that the men have become the brunt of the joke, treated by the women in their lives as Neanderthals with no inkling of what’s happening around them.

How can a man even begin to be respectable if he’s teased, laughed at, and scolded throughout the day? Society has also found enjoyment in helping men to find their “feminine side” with the thought that our culture would somehow blend better if the strong male hormone were tamed a bit. This is evident in the classrooms where little boys are told to sit still for hours like a little lady, and reprimanded or even drugged when “boy-energy” shows through.

I want my daughters to look forward to being given to men in marriage who have those qualities that God intended for men to have. My prayer is that they each will find a husband who lives to glorify his God as he serves Him; who will cherish his wife with his life; one who desires to have children and to train them in the fear and admonition of the Lord; a strong man each will be able to respect daily as she learns more about him; a man who works hard, plays hard, and loves his family with his whole heart. I desire for each of my daughters to marry a man who won’t be swayed in his beliefs and convictions, and who finds total joy as the family worships together.

As I see yet another program on television with a man showing his “feminine side,” I’m thankful for two things: I can use the off button on my remote, and my daughters have a man in their lives who is the kind of man I pray they will l someday marry. And for now, they call him Dad.

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Linda Hoffman

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